Letter to Texas Republican Delegates

Dear Republican Party of Texas Delegate,

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a delegate to the 2014 RPT Convention.

During the convention delegates will be asked to ratify our Republican Party of Texas Platform. The Platform is serious business because it is an outline for how we expect our leaders to govern.

Our nation’s immigration policy is broken. Being a border state, Texans see this failure everyday.

Which is why at the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Convention, conservatives overwhelmingly supported repairing our national immigration policy by adopting an immigration platform called The Texas Solution.

The Texas Solution clearly states that the U.S. border must be secured immediately! It also calls on modernizing U.S. identification documents with anti-counterfeit technology and it supports a temporary guest worker program.

This temporary worker program has strict requirements that include all applicants

  • paying the appropriate fees and fines; 
  • passing a full criminal background check; 
  • securing private health insurance; 
  • waving all rights to public entitlement programs; 
  • showing proficiency of the English language ; 
  • and completing an American civics class.

These temporary guest workers would only be used if a U.S. worker is NOT available for the job.

The Texas Solution does NOT offer a path to U.S. citizenship and does NOT offer amnesty!

Please take a moment to watch this video about why it is important for conservatives to support The Texas Solution.

It is important that Texas conservatives take the lead on this issue. Let’s send a message to our Republican members of Congress that we support conservative, free-market solutions to repair our nation’s broken immigration policy.

We have that opportunity at the 2014 Republican Party of Texas Convention in Ft. Worth. I encourage you to support The Texas Solution at this year’s convention.

To learn more about The Texas Solution you can go to our website at www.thetexassolution.us.

God Bless Texas,

Brad Bailey
2014 Republican Party of Texas Delegate


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