Without Qualification, OBAMACARE MUST GO!

Contact all your Senators and Representatives:

DO NOT and insist others don't, give in on repealing or disabling Obamacare! ANY federal control, mandate or restriction of medical care is unconstitutional, no matter if the entire Supreme Court says otherwise. As long as it persists, medical costs, services and progress will suffer.

If Republicans relent and concede, (I read on Drudge that Cathy McMorris Rodgers and others have said that Obamacare is here to stay, or even that there are mandates for coverage of preexisting conditions or young people) Republicans will at long last have utterly tossed in The Constitution in the interest of political bargaining and posturing.

Excellence is the product of liberty. And if there is any government intervention, that is the province of the state. All of this other nonsense is only a guarantee of impossible cost, declining quality and restricted innovation. And if it hasn't already it will mean death at the hands of other than family decisions.

Texas should demand repeal or exemption, or remove itself from federal jurisdiction. I know you believe in The Constitution. Don't let its principles perish.


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