More Gun Control Foolishness from Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

Liberal Fool Dick DurbinAbout two weeks ago I received an email from Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) where he said some really foolish things about gun control, so I posted a reply to his message on Yesterday I received another message from the Senator expressing more foolishness that I though you should know about. For some reason, Durbin seems to think that background checks will stop criminals from obtaining guns. It is clear this man has no understanding about criminals and guns and should not even be involved in the debate on this issue.

Wayne LaPierre at Senate Gun Control HearingThe email this week was his proud proclamation about how he took on the all powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) and its leader, Wayne LaPierre. Durbin stated, Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association, made a preposterous assertion that universal background checks wont stop criminals." In testimony before the Senate this week, LaPierre testified on the issue of universal background checks and the lack of enforcement of current gun laws saying, "My problem with background checks is youre never gonna get criminals to go through universal background checks."  

Liberal Fool Sen Durbin on Gun ControlDurbin interrupted LaPierre and said, "If criminals dont purchase guns because they dont want to undergo a background check, well stop millions of felons from getting guns in the first place! Wouldnt we rather stop criminals before they act, rather than prosecuting them after they commit gun crimes?" He claims LaPierre missed the point of the universal background checks but it is clearly Durbin who is missing the point.

Currently, anyone purchasing a firearm from a gun dealer must go through a background check. However, if you, as a private citizen wishing to sell a piece of property that you own (a firearm) to another private citizen there is no process or requirement for a background check. This is what they want to change in the law. They want you to have to go through an expensive bureaucratic process to sell your own personal property.

Liberal Fool Durbin naively believes that if we create universal background checks we will stop criminals from getting guns. Lets see how that plays out in this scenario.

Two guys get together in a back alley. One is a criminal looking to get rid of some stolen guns. The other is a criminal needing new hardware for his next crime. (In my best gang banger/criminal voice)...  Buyer Criminal says, "Hey man, I need to buy a gun. I got this guy I need to hit in the other gang. He did me wrong, man." The buyer fills out the required background check form and the seller uses his cell phone to call in the information. After the call, Seller Criminal says, "Ah man, I am sorry dude...  I would sell you this gun, but you didnt pass Senator Durbins universal background check. I am really sorry man." The two men walk away...   NOT!

Special kind of Stupid

Senator Durbin thinks government is the solution to all problems. It is not. Universal background checks will not stop criminals from getting guns. Why? Because they are criminals! No law will stop a criminal from getting a gun. Guns are completely illegal in Mexico. If gun control laws stopped criminals from getting guns, there would not be the tens of thousands of violent murders happening just across our southern border.

But Durbin knows this. He is trying to push "feel good" legislation that sounds tough but does nothing. The federal government rarely enforces the gun laws that are on the books today. This is the point LaPierre was making and that was totally missed by the Liberal Fool.



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Yes, Elizabeth there is methods being exploited in the Durbin Madness.  If background checks don't work, and they won't, then he will say the only thing we can do is ban hand guns.  Of course a Muslim Terrorist that is a Psychiatrist in the U.S. Army can get a gun and kill U.S. Soldiers and maybe other citizens. 

The only way to stop the madness of gun control and criminals using guns is to have the immediate death penalty for possessing a gun that you use in a crime.  And it must not be a crime to use a gun in defending yourself anywhere or in the defense of others anywhere.  I believe we should disarm the Police before we disarm the Citizens.  How about we disarm the guys Durbin hires to protect himself.


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