Which State Representatives Voted For and Against Joe Straus

Although Speaker of the House Joe Straus won a landslide victory, there were still a handful of State Representatives who voted against him. Below is a picture of the roll call. The Representatives with red dots next to their names are the ones who voted against Joe Straus:

The Texas State Representatives who voted against Joe Straus are:

Leo Berman (HD-6)
Cindy Burkett (HD-101)
Erwin Cain (HD-3)
Wayne Christian (HD-9)
Dan Flynn (HD-2)
Jim Landtroop (HD-85)
Phil King (HD-61)
Jodie Laubenberg (HD-89)
Tan Parker (HD-63)
Ken Paxton (HD-70)
Charles Perry (HD-83)
David Simpson (HD-7)
Van Taylor (HD-66)
James White (HD-12)
Bill Zedler (HD-96)

The First Recorded Vote of the 2011 Texas Legislature Elects Joe Straus as Speaker of the House from Bob Price on Vimeo.


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Was this picture taken before all the voting was complete? There are several representatives with neither green nor red (more than the number of abstentions), and I know for a fact that several of them, including Lyle Larson, voted for Straus...

The picture was taken at the end of the voting, but with a few votes still being awaited.


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