Pastor John Lawson explains "Civil Rights Industry" and Why Black People Should Abandon Democratic Party (VIDEO)

Two years ago, Pastor John Lawson gave a speech entitled: "Why Black People Should Abandon the Democratic Party," but the socialists in the audience heckled him and barely let him speak!  Two weeks ago at the Southern Dallas Jobs and Education Forum, deep in Texas' Congressional District 30,  Pastor John Lawson picked up his theme in a passionate speech about how the "civil rights industry" is a communist movement that has not helped blacks at all but instead has been used by democrats to indoctrinate blacks for 100 years to complain, demonstrate and become dependent.  Lawson stressed the importance of teaching African Americans self-responsibility, self-reliance, free enterprise and hard work and gave examples of African Americans who have started and grown large successful enterprises in America's capitalistic system but who have been conveniently forgotten in today's civil rights oriented view of history and education.  Instead of recognizing successful enterprising blacks like Booker T. Washington, S.B. Fuller, John H. Johnson, George Johnson and others,  African Americans are stuck with only being familiar with the NAACP and names like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other members of the civil rights industry.

Pastor Lawson, of the Children of God Ministry in Dallas, was joined by a diverse group of speakers and luminaries at the forum that focused on jobs, education, and conservative values including free enterprise.  Donald Thornton of Xservativestalk was Master of Ceremonies  of the program that was put on by Americans for a Better Future and held on October 16 at the Christ for the Nations auditorium on Conway Street in Dallas, Texas, located in Texas' CD-30 U.S. Congressional district. The election of U.S. Representative for CD-30 is currently a hotly contested race with conservative Stephen Broden challenging democrat incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson.  EB Johnson is embroiled in a scholarship ethics scandal in which she directed scholarship funds to be given to family members outside of the district because not enough "very worthy" candidates were available inside of CD-30.

Here are some excerpts from Pastor Lawson's moving speech and plea, which is directed at Dallas' African American community:

"We are here today in the heart of the Black community and there are not many Black people here, which is shame because the people who need it the most, are not here. That's because of 100 years of indoctrination…The Democrats used the Civil Rights industry to get Black people. All the Civil Rights people are socialists, Communists, in fact the man who started the NAACP, W.E.B. DuBois was a confirmed communist."
"Booker T. Washington wanted to get Black people and make them a part of the American economy. Capitalists, free enterprise people, but Booker T. died all of a sudden, and the NAACP was started to oppose Booker T. Now Booker T. was getting that thing going strong, and they started the NAACP so Black people would have some civil rights while other people got their silver, and that's what's happening to this very day."
"If our kids are indoctrinated to the civil rights thing, what would they learn? Complain. Demonstrate. Blame somebody. The won't learn self-responsibility and self-reliance, which is thing you have to have in America to make it."
"The Democrat Party is the Party of murder. 75 out of every 100 Black pregnancies end in abortion. It's genocide going on, and if any creature on this Earth supports the enemy and hurt their friend, they're going to have a hard time making it. We're in danger."
"There's a Law of Supply, and there's a Law of Retribution right on the other side, it's like a coin. The Law of Supply says this, it's in the Bible, 'If you use what you got, you get more.' I want to increase the amount of muscle in my arm, what do I do? Use it! The more I use it, the more I'll be getting it. The less I use, I say I'm not going to be doing anything, the Law of Retribution kicks in. It will take back from you what you already have. The Law doesn't care whether you are rich or poor…they give you welfare check and say 'you sit back and get some food stamps and here's a welfare check and you don't have to do anything.' The Law of Retribution doesn't care. You have got to get up and use what you got everyday…thank God for the day that you have. Get up, get busy, do some good in your life, serve some people, amount to something."
No White person can criticize Black people unless they are racist, but Black people are operating at the bottom of the economic scale in this country. White people are operating that the top of the economic scale in this country. Now if the people operating at the top can't criticize the people that are operating at the bottom, how are the people operating at the bottom ever going to get to the top? They're not."


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