August Pfluger

natural gas tax
New fees or taxes on energy companies will raise costs for customers, creating a burden that will fall most heavily on lower-income Americans. 
It is a great honor to announce that in addition to my appointment to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I have also been selected to continue to serve on the House Committee on Homeland Security.
On Thursday, following the discovery of classified documents in President Joseph R. Biden’s personal residence, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) sent a letter to the president and the U.S. Secret Service demanding the...
Last Congress, as a Freshman serving in a Democrat majority, I am proud that our team passed 5 pieces of legislation and secured millions of dollars for TX-11 hospitals, roads, and rural fire departments. Now, as we enter a...
Now that I have been officially sworn into the 118th Congress, Camille and I want to say thank you for allowing us to serve.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has removed its study regarding defensive gun use (DGU) information from its website. This study showed that Americans have relied on guns for self-defense upwards of 2.5 million times a...
This week, the Concho Valley is celebrating the service of Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd who will be retiring at the end of this year.
On Monday, Colonel Matthew Reilman and I hosted General Charles Q.
israel and US
The MACH 1 Caucus, a coalition of former military pilots and current lawmakers including Rep. August Pfluger, Rep. Scott Franklin, Rep. Jake Ellzey, Rep. Mike Garcia, and Rep.
Rep. August Pfluger (TX-11) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28) introduced the LNG for Allies Act, bipartisan legislation to expedite the licensing approval for exports of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) to strategic partners...
gun control
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) recently issued a final ruling to regulate
I officially announced our new office in Killeen, which will be the first Congressional office in Killeen ever and located in the Pratt Learning and Leadership Center at 505 E. Jasper Drive, Killeen, Texas, 76541.
energy and commerce committee
Wednesday, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) announced that he has been selected to join the House Energy and Commerce Committee for the 118th Congress. The committee, first created in 1795, is the oldest in the U.S.
Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) shared the following letter with the constituents of the 11th District of Texas following the Speaker's election in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read the full letter here or below....
china flag
The United States should not enable Chinese surveillance companies that help the Chinese Communist Party track and monitor dissidents, harvest genomic data, and torture ethnic and religious minorities. 
The COVID-19 pandemic ended lives, closed businesses, destroyed livelihoods, devastated our economy, and robbed families of years that could have been spent together. In Texas 11, we know firsthand the toll this pandemic has...
Big Tech censorship and overreach are not new problems.
Fort Hood
Last week, I visited Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, where I had to honor to meet some of the 40,000 soldiers stationed there. I saw a dedication to excellence, to serving this country, and a selflessness from the service...
autonomous vehicles
In a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator, Rep. August Pfluger (TX-11) expressed his concerns that autonomous vehicles operated by Chinese companies could transfer critical data collected from...
Camille and I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope you have the opportunity to surround yourself with loved ones and thank God for the blessings we enjoy in our lives and the many blessings He has...



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