Baucus Enthusiastically Supports Baucus Compromise Bill!

Don't be fooled by the so called "Baucus compromise on health care" named for Democratic Senator Max Baucus. It is the old Pelosi plan with new make-up and a few minor changes.

Replacing a government based plan to allegedly compete with insurance with a co-op makes no real difference. The plan still blows a large hole in the debt of the government and most importantly, it does not address the problems of the present system.

For an extraodinary look at real reform that makes sense for Americans and fits our conservative philsophy, see the September 2009 Atlantic Monthly seminal article by David Goldhill called "How American Health Care Killed My Father." In simple language, Goldhill makes the case for why the Baucus, Pelsoi, and Obama plans will make our medical system much worse.


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