New Perry TV Ad: I’ll End Obama’s War on Religion (Video)

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a new ad that will be hitting the airwaves in Iowa. The ad is titled “Strong.” This ad goes on the attack against President Obama. It is one of the most aggressive ads of the Presidential Primary Election.

Rick Perry has a very clear message in the ad: “I’ll End Obama’s War on Religion and I’ll Fight against Liberal Attacks on our Religious Heritage”.

This ad will greatly help Rick Perry. Now that many of the early bumps in the primary are over, voters will start to look at the records and experience of candidates to determine who they will vote for. This is where Perry will shine because of his strong conservative record. The ad does not attack any fellow Republicans. The ad is focused directly on President Obama. The ad deals with an issue (the War on Religion) that has really caused Christian Conservatives to stand up and fight back against Obama’s radical agenda. Christian American’s are tired of seeing special interest groups get special rights and privileges while the rights and privileges of Christians are being taken away. Obama has done everything from restricting prayer at soldier’s funerals and restricting bible verses in the Air Force to refusing to follow the Constitution by upholding the laws passed by Congress like the Defense of Marriage Act.

Earlier this year, Rick Perry led a Prayer Rally in Houston, TX called “The Response.” This is something that the Founding Fathers of America would likely have also attended.

Watch Rick Perry’s New Ad Here:

Fox News:

Down in the polls, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is on the attack, claiming in a new TV ad that President Obama is waging a "War on Religion," and hes the GOP candidate that can defend faith in America.

"Im not ashamed to admit that Im a Christian, but you dont need to be in the pew every Sunday to know theres something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids cant openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school. As President, Ill end Obamas war on religion. And Ill fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage," says Perry in the new ad titled "Strong."

The ad is a state-wide buy in Iowa that starts Wednesday. Perry ties his faith to his conservative stands on social issues, and the campaign has zeroed in on gay marriage and social issues recently, releasing several statements laying out its argument that Obama is attacking the fundamentals social conservative believe in. The arguments range from President Obama directing the Justice Department to stop arguing for the Defense of Marriage Act, to less substantive examples like Obama leaving God out of his Thanksgiving speech this year.

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