Herman Cain Hit Piece and a Warning to the GOP

Let's be blunt, the Democrats and the left play by another set of rules. The recent hit piece on Cain is but another example of high tech lynching of a Black man who dares to be a serious conservative and as Glen Reynolds of Instapundit observed: “Would Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman, Anna Palmer and Kenneth Vogel have put their names on a similar piece, with no named sources, aimed at Barack Obama? Would Politico have run it? I think we know the answer.” Professor William Jacobson added, “Whatever the source of the tip, the presentation was rolled out by Politico in a fashion to do maximum damage to Cain. The Sunday release was timed to be all over the media on Monday morning. Jonathan Martin, the lead reporter on the story for Politico, even conducted an ambush interview with Cain shortly after the story broke, receiving a muddled response from Cain.” Jacobson added that an insurgent campaign like Cain found it difficult to react quickly. This was a hit job designed to destroy Herman Cain and cripple his campaign.

Let's understand one thing, and I will keep repeating what I have been writing for the past months, this is a scorch earth policy by the left and Obama. The goal is not just to demonize and destroy the Republican candidate but make sure that if the GOP wins, they will not be able to govern effectively with half of the nation hating the new President.

Occupy Wall Street is part of the overall strategy of the left. It is not about just winning the election but to set up an opposition movement that will oppose with street theater combined with leftist organization working with their allies in the media to viciously attack the GOP. Go back to Wisconsin early this year when the left, unions, and the Democratic Party tried to make it impossible for Scott Walker to govern. The legislators left town for Illinois (and don’t you think that Illinois Democrats did cooperate with their Wisconsin counterpart in hiding the fleeing legislators)? The goal was not just to oppose but to destroy. 2012 is no difference.

Consider the story about Rick Perry and the rock with the N-word; the implication Perry was a latent racist and now, Cain is a sexual predator and hypocrite. Which brings us to Republicans and conservative reactions; we don’t need to cooperate in our destruction. The reaction is to examine the story as if it is a legitimate story as opposed to a hit job. My own viewpoint is that unless there are pictures of Cain having a threesome with the two ladies and a sheep in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I will consider the source and not consider it a worthy new stories but poor journalism.

Consider the story itself in which no real incident of sexual harassment reported other than the reporter saying, I can’t get into specific and a lot of third and fourth party sources with no quotes. If this was a Democrat, the media would have exposed the two ladies, have them made out as whores and James Carville would comment about bringing out hundred dollars in trailer parks. Right now, there is no real story other than Team Cain's initial clumsy response. I am going to treat this as I treated the original high tech lynching when the left decided to short circuit Justice Clarence Thomas twenty years ago. I viewed the evidence weak then and this story is just as weak now.

Review the Marco Rubio hit piece in the Washington and you get a pattern. If you are a minority and a Republican; you will be targeted for minorities are properties belonging to the Democratic Party and the left. Leave the planation and you will be high tech lynched.

As for the rest of the Party, you will be next. As one conservative pundit tweeted, “Newt Gingrich, you’re next” and Mitt Romney will also be targeted. The media has been missing in action dealing with Occupy Wall Street where massive arrests and real crimes are being committed. One blogger observed Politico's involvement in the JournoList scandal in which reporters, Journalists, pundits, and party operatives cooperated to put a leftist spin on the news and this is just another example of JournoList methodology in operation.

Many conservatives are divided and concerned as I am, but my concern is not about whether Cain is a sexual predator, but whether we will allow the left to demonize our candidates and our supporters. The Tea Party has been treated as an auxiliary of the KKK and the Nazis, whereas a real Klansman David Duke supports Occupy Wall Street along with the real Nazi Party. Oh yea, let's not forget the Communist Party who is also a supporter of the OWS movement. The Occupy Wall Street has behaved exactly like what the left claims the Tea Party behaves, complete with reports of alleged rape, outright anti-Semitism, participation of racists like David Duke and enough radical leftist socialistic signs. The left has their story to tell, we have the truth.

In the movie, “The Untouchables,” Sean Connery's character tells Eliot Ness, “If they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue.” That means we don’t cooperate in our own demise. I will conclude this with one element that needs to be pointed out. Rush Limbaugh stated, “None of us should be surprised . . . look how quickly the mainstream media goes for the ugliest, racial stereotypes they can to attack a black conservative . . . Herman Cain is somebody. Herman Cain is obviously making some people nervous for this kind of thing to happen.” A black conservative man portrayed as a sexual predator and the left says we conservatives are racists?


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