The Enemy has been Engaged; Perry Supporters Must Press the Battle

Dear Fellow Conservative,

The war for the future direction of America is raging. The media and political pundits in Washington, D.C. have wasted no time in starting their attacks on Governor Perry who has proven himself a leader and an advocate for free enterprise, constitutional government, states’ rights and traditional family values. The press spins his every word and action into so called “game-changers” trying to knock Perry out of his front runner status.

A majority of Americans want a leader with a proven track record and a clear governing philosophy. They want a straight shooter who will tell it like it is rather than one who changes with the political winds. Voters want a leader who can get the job done. Governor Perry fills the bill.

There is a stark contrast between Governor Perry and Governor Romney. Romney has been running for President for the past six years and about the only consistency in his campaign has been his flip-flopping. Voters have long sensed this about Romney and they are now getting the facts to confirm their suspicions. In the last few years, he has been on both sides of most major issues. Romney gave Massachusetts the disastrous RomneyCare health plan, after which ObamaCare was modeled, and now says he opposes ObamaCare. He is on record both supporting and opposing the 2009 Federal stimulus package. Romney has publicly supported and opposed Roe v Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion. As Governor, Romney supported homosexual marriages, but now he has changed his position. The same holds true for climate change, gun control, and amnesty. The list goes on and on.

Romney’s father was Governor of Michigan and opposed Barry Goldwater. Romney graduated from Brigham Young University and then earned his law degree and masters in business from Harvard. Romney is Northeastern liberal Republican who made his money in the world of high finance and private equities. Now Romney wants us to believe that he understands and has adopted the values of Main Street Americans. Leopards do not change their spots.

On the other hand, Governor Perry grew up in rural north Texas on a ranch. His values were inculcated into him by his family, church and community. Perry earned the rank of Eagle Scout in high school and then attended Texas A&M where he was a member of the Corp of Cadets. Upon graduation he was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force, and literally flew all over the world. Perry is now the longest serving Governor in the history of Texas, having served in office nearly 11 years. Under Perry’s leadership Texas has developed a business friendly environment that has allowed Texas to become the most prosperous state in the nation. More jobs have been created in Texas under Perry’s governorship than in all the other states combined.

Perry has proven himself a leader and an advocate for free enterprise, constitutional government, states’ rights and traditional family values.

The choice is very clear. It is between a bedrock conservative Texas Governor, Rick Perry, and a Northeastern liberal Republican, Mitt Romney.

Perry and Romney have completely different communication styles. Like President Obama, Romney hides behind sound-bytes and poll-tested language. Governor Perry, on the other hand, speaks his mind and connects with voters because he is genuine. Americans want an authentic leader who tells it like it is and doesn’t waiver under fire.

Because of his proven track record of job creation and limited government, Governor Perry has been the front-runner since he entered the race. Because he is the front runner, he has a target on his chest. No one should be surprised that he is getting attacked by all of the other candidates, the media and even the White House.

The primary season is long and the debates will come and go, but, in addition to his record of success, Governor Perry has demonstrated himself to be a tough campaigner who has never been defeated.

Governor Perry’s genuineness and ability to connect with grass root voters in key primary states will enable him to win the nomination and, ultimately, the presidency.

This is why it is essential that we raise the necessary resources to enable us to disseminate Perry’s conservative message far and wide.

Following this letter I have included some links to articles that you will find of interest.

Working together, I am convinced that we can elect Rick Perry President and restore our nation,

With much admiration for your stand for conservative values and Constitutional principles, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,
Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Perry Authentically Supportive

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Let's face it! Rick Perry has been an embarrassment to the GOP since he first announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. He begins by insulting seniors with his stupid "Ponzi Scheme" comment about SS. Then he irritates his own party by saying they don't have a heart if they don't want taxpayers to foot the bill for in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants. Moreover, he is against the building of a wall on the border to stem the flow of illegals. Those, and several other flubs, including the recent revelation that he used to hunt at a lodge that had an entrance stone with the wor

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