Why Roy Morales is the Right Candidate for Houston Mayor

The City of Houston is financially broke after having operating losses totaling $1.5 BILLION over the last five reported years. Those losses have been certified by the City's independent audit firm each year. See page 199 of the City's 2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) on the City's web site.

Annise Parker has not warned us about the $1.5 BILLION in losses, even though her City controller's department prepares the annual CAFR and she personally certifies it. Peter Brown was a City council member all that time and still delusionally says the City's finances are in great shape. I have talked at length with Gene Locke about the problem but he refuses to publicly discuss it. I assume that is because his forte is raising public money and spending it.

Retired Lt. Colonel Roy Morales is the only mayoral candidate willing to talk about this enormous problem. Thus it is crystal clear that Roy Morales should be our next mayor. We need a captain to steer the City through these troubled financial waters. Better yet, we have a Colonel!


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