What's Happening in Afghanistan? Read Michael Yon and find out!

Michael Yon gives the inside, uncensored story from inside Afghanistan.

Who is Michael Yon? He is an independent war correspondent who has walked on countless patrols with US and Coalition troops in Iraq and now Afghanistan. His photos and reporting give you a raw look at Iraq and Afghanistan that you will not find in mainstream media outlets.

Michael was in Iraq in 2004 and saw the war spinning out of control. He also saw and reported on the success of the surge. He is now in Afghanistan rooting for a similar turnaround.

Michael's reporting will give you a "boots on the ground" perspective and an unqualified appreciation for the fighting men and women of our armed forces.

Presently, he is embedded with British troops in Afghanistan. Perhaps, President Obama should not be so cavalier about the "special relationship" with Britain.

BTW, Michael funds his own trips. At present, he only has enough support to last him through September. If you like what you read, support his efforts!


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