Wall Street Journal Editorial Supports Perry on Immigration

Governor Perry simply needs to stand strong on the Texas Legislature's decision to grant in-state tuition. If you have not read the Wall Street Journal article entitled "Texas's Immigration Choices: Rick Perry's pragmatism draws fire from his presidential rivals," please read it. The WSJ makes a great case supporting Perry, and criticizing Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney.

Texans overwhelmingly supported the tuition decision, that is why it passed the Texas Legislature with only 4 no's!

Immigration status aside, state residents are thought to be deserving of a subsidy because they pay sales taxes, property taxes and other fees to support state institutions that nonstate residents don't pay. Especially in a state like Texas that has no income tax, illegal aliens are more likely to bear a larger share of the tax burden than their counterparts in most other states.
Most children of illegal immigrants—some 73%, according to the Pew Hispanic Center—are U.S. citizens by birth. But as of 2008 there were 1.5 million children in the U.S. who are illegal. The Supreme Court has ruled that these children are entitled to a K-12 education. Lawmakers in Texas, which is home to the nation's second-largest illegal population after California, determined that tuition breaks for these residents made economic sense. So did the state's business community, which lobbied for the measure on the grounds that a better educated population would translate into stronger economic growth.
State tax officials estimated that increased college enrollment by illegal immigrants would be budget neutral. It would bring in new students who would pay tuition, and those students who graduated would produce increased tax payments to the state. A college graduate's lifetime earnings are nearly double those of someone with only a high school diploma. The Dallas Morning News has reported that in 2009 illegal immigrants who were taking advantage of the tuition subsidy were 1% of the state's million-plus college students. The program is hardly the draw on state coffers that critics have claimed.

Again, the "Puppeteers" Fair US, Numbers USA, CIS, and Ircot, are orchestrating the screamers. The founders of these organizations have been exposed as  White Supremacists, Planned Parenthood promoters, and Zero Population Advocates! They are not Republican in any form, but like puppeteers, they orchestrate the puppets, the screaming minority of our Republican Party.

The overwhelming majority of Americans, including Republican Primary voters will support Governor Perry if he stands strong on this issue. The largest growing segment of our society is watching, and if Governor Perry stands strong, the Republican primaries will have a lot of first time Hispanic voters.


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As Romney and others have said, no one is trying to stop the children of illegal immigrants from having an education; they just don't want the taxpayers to foot the bill for it. There are plenty of children of American citizens that need the money for tuition. In this downward spiraling economy; how much more money are taxpayers expected to contribute? This is a losing issue for Perry, or any other candidate in the race.

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