Video Report on the 9/12 March in D.C.

After watching the video below, you should note the following:

1. These are not raving mad lunatics

2. They are equally irritated by Democrats and Republicans and their out of control spending habits

3. They are not going away

Republicans who believe these folks will simply fall into place behind them in 2010 are sorely mistaken. They need to offer them real plans and verifiable promises. In 1994, we had the "Contract with America." What do have now?

Of course, the "Contract" was only officially released six weeks before the 1994 congressional election. We still have time. But, in 1994, the GOP had been out of power in the House for 40 years. Their theme of "change" had resonance and credibility.  

What can the current crop of GOP congressmen and women due to restore their credibility in advance of 2010?

Well, the GOPers remaining actually do have some credibility on issues like spending, taxes, and the other parts of core conservative principles. The key will be the right candidates. What is the GOP doing to attract the best field of candidates? I do not know. I hope it is effective, wish I could offer more than that.  




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