Video: Prager on MSNBC

I wish I could find the full discussion but at least as of yet, it isn’t on the web. I actually even looked at MSNBC website, but was utterly unsurprised that it could not be found. Not only that, but I’m confident that Prager will never again appear on anything affiliated with NBC, unless they have repented in sackcloth and ashes and converted from their present left-wing dogma. Here is the text accompanying the one place that this video was posted, at, the host of Prager’s blog and whose mother company broadcasts and streams Prager’s radio program:

Shuster had no idea his pathetic question would backfire. Dennis is way out of Shusters league. I paused a moment to consider whether I felt sorry for Shuster. Its funny that I took the time.

That’s why Prager will never again appear on MSNBC. The shallow emotionalism of most of their hosts cannot respond intelligently to a reasoned discussion of such questions; that is assuming that they can even fully comprehend it.

Here is the abbreviated video at YouTube: Prager To Shuster: "Theres A Cancer Afflicting The Country, & You Will Focus On Athletes Foot"


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