Barbara Harless

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Barbara is a 4th generation Dallas-site, retired security trader, married 36 years to the father of their successful adult children, and concerned about the future of America. She began studying the U.S. Constitution in the summer of 2008, to find where Congress has been granted the authority to take public money (taxes) and bailout a private company (AIG).  She realized that most of what congress does is unconstitutional.

As newlyweds, Barbara & Mark moved to Collin County.  She was elected at large and served on her city’s 1st Charter Commission in 2003, and appointed to the 2010 and the 2016 Murphy Charter Review Commissions. She also chairs her city’s Ethics Review Commission. She has been active in local politics and the GOP party for several decades, and for the last 5 years she has worked with the North Texas Citizens Lobby; sharing with Texans how to follow their government locally and in Austin by engaging voters in the legislation process.  She believes that all power is local and all that ails America has to do with numerous violations of the Constitution for 100+ years.  She wants to know: What will America look like when the Constitution is enforced?


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