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Artemio "Temo" Muniz currently serves as the chairman of the Federation of Hispanic Republicans, an auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. In 2008, Muniz initiated the now defunct "Conservador Alliance" which focused on building conservative networks within the community and reconnecting traditional social institutions. Featured on NPR, Univision, Univision Radio, Huffington Post, The Weekly Standard, Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express, various newspapers, television and blogs across Texas. Muniz has joined other Republicans in building a grassroots network that has successfully turned a 85% Hispanic Texas town into a 65% Republican voting town. As demographics shift, Muniz believes grassroots and a fresh new strategy will be the key to taking the Texas model to the rest of the nation. Muniz also serves as the Republican National Committee Hispanic Engagement Houston Director, is on the Young Republican National Federation Outreach Committee, and is a conservative speaker for The Leadership Institute.

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