Update on Speaker of the House - Joe Straus

The Battle for the Texas House

So you thought the battle had been won?!?! Just because Texas voted overwhelmingly Republican in November we must take a look at what really happened across the country. Do you really think Republicans won on their own? Republicans were given a second chance by the conservatives, independents and the Tea Party movement. I dare say that most independents and all Tea Party people are fiscally conservative and that most are socially conservative. It was a united effort by God fearing, America loving individuals to rid ourselves of the tyrannical Obama Administration we are presently ‘enjoying’. That is my personal assessment of why we won.

Sometimes winning is not enough. We have been so lax in the selection of our elected officials in the past, I am afraid that many have entered the political arena for their own personal agenda. Joe Straus is a perfect example of sliding in the back door. Keep in mind that we did battle two years ago when he was voted in by a majority of Socialists/Democrats and by only 11 Republicans in the Texas House. So in January Straus will again have the votes of all 51 Socialists/Democrats and all he needs is 25 Republicans. Republicans who are willing to vote for a ‘liberal’, ‘moderate’, ‘RINO’, call him what you want, but do not call Straus a conservative.

The word Conservative is being used loosely today, simply because it is ‘politically correct’. Candidates WIN using this word. But unless a ‘conservative’ is willing to be fiscally and socially conservative, he is NOT conservative! Straus is NOT a conservative. His record proves this fact. Don’t let the other ‘moderates’ in our state legislature fool you. Remember they too are NOT conservative! We did not win the presidential election in 2008 for many reasons, one of which was that John McCain is NOT a true conservative and the conservatives stayed home for that precise reason. If Republicans continue to believe that being moderate is helping our cause then you are mistaken. What I fear will be is that a third party may rise and the Socialists/Democrats will win in 2012. If this is your end goal then go ahead and sit back and relax while the conservatives fight this Texas Speaker of the House battle. If you are ‘enjoying’ the present Obama administration taking our hard earned money and giving it to those that ‘want’ our money then sit back. If you are ‘enjoying’ knowing that the present Obama administration continues to promote Planned Parenthood with their abortion agenda and homosexuality in schools and in our military, then go ahead and sit back.

Straus is not a conservative otherwise why would he fuel the idea of ‘racism’? I personally did not know that he was Jewish, and most people did not know that he was Jewish because it does not matter. It only matters that he is not conservative. This little known fact that has ‘suddenly’ surfaced on FOX News is making waves. Do not let this send you hiding under the bed because we will be accused of being anti-Semitic. This just shows how sensitive and easily intimidated we are of being called a ‘racist’. What I will say is that because some who have spoken out against Straus did not know this fact and were not ‘politically correct’ have been caught up in an embarrassing moment. Straus is politically astute and the Tea Party people are ‘newbies’ to this blood sport. We should only laugh at how silly this situation is with FOX News sensationalism. Take a good look at how general the accusations are and who FOX News is quoting, the Texas Observer a Liberal news media and News 8 Austin. Austin, Texas the most Liberal eyesore in our great state. And as far as Christians being further ridiculed…so what is new about that? It is amazing to me that when Christians dare speak out there is so much opposition. I sure hope you don’t believe or accept everything FOX News puts out. We should always check and verify any information we receive.

Speaker of the House Joe Strauss (San Antonio)


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By Judson Berger Published December 09, 2010 | FoxNews.com



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Mark Jones, political science chair at Rice University, has released another interesting analysis of partisan behavior inside the Texas House — this time measuring the Democrats’ “stealth influence” during the 2009 legislative session.



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