To The Unborn: Don’t Wait for Hope and Change with Obama

There is no right to be born in the U.S., according to the current U.S. President. Children are not given these rights, unless they are considered viable, whatever that that may be. To date, no one has been able to define the term, from scholars, legal experts, religious advocates, not even mothers. Abortion is a topic that is being avoided as of late from the scandalous funding cutoffs that are plaguing Planned Parenthood and the Komen Foundation. Even the recent Mandate to Religious schools and hospitals, from the Obama Administration, is to make certain that these employers offer free contraceptives and other health benefits to their employees. However, in untold facts, the President is using federal funding to suppress religious freedom, while at the same time pretending to promote women’s health. And it is all about votes.

The Administration flaunts its defense in the name of women’s health and their importance. They proclaim the obvious, and that is that women are important to everyone. They are a large part of our economy. They are the largest voting bloc. They are the organizers at home. Moreover, currently women are the ones employed in the higher number within the U.S. Additionally, women live longer. They are the most economically organized group of individuals. Yet, they are quick on emotion to help other women and to protect the less fortunate before looking at all of the details. They rescue and ask questions later. This is our nature.

The White House spokespersons mention women in all of their interviews when referring to the decision to call upon religious organizations to provide contraceptives to help women and their choices. The wording is fabulous because women will come to the aid of other women when it comes to health and choices. This power was discovered, by women, only after the passage of the 19th Amendment and one that has been nurtured and used with great force to elect Presidents since Hoover. In fact, women have voted for those Presidents who pushed issues regarding women and their health.

As a result, politicians like our current President, have learned to use issues and language affecting women to their advantage. And, we as women, allow them--him to whisper into our ears that famous language of hope and change. Our President states, throughout his speeches, what matters is that women have power over their health and their choices. And he nod believing that he cares about our well being all the while, he has an ulterior motive----Votes. He is indeed the master of language, but I don’t think that this is the Change and Hope that unborn children were looking for him. His language is smoke and mirrors looking for the next 15 minutes of glory from his “new age” language. This does not make him fit to be President, but rather it makes him the King Confabulator.

Republicans leading the charge against this law, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio recently stated that, “From a practical standpoint this will force Catholic organizations to make an unacceptable choice: Ignore a major tenet of their faith, or not provide any insurance to their employees and be punished with a federal fine for violating Obamacare’s mandate on employers.” This should be an important part of the equation women should consider before closing the door on this mandate, that is the part about religion and faith.

According to the Institute of Medicine, an independent group of doctors and researchers that the Administration relied upon, birth control is medically necessary “to ensure women’s health and well-being.” In furthering their study, they conclude that this means that women would be less likely to succumb to unwanted pregnancies, which in turn will mean fewer abortions. Now we understand the one part of the offering that is hidden in the plan. The one concept no one wants to overtly talk about. Abortions.

This mandate will give women more access to abortions. And in order to avoid this or even get to this topic, the mandate stops with the rational to help women and their health. It does not speak of the unborn children that will be affected by this law. In as much as the funding pulled by the Komen Foundation did not explain why it was pulling its funding from Planned Parenthood. The reasoning was to defund abortions. The comingling of funds could not be honed in on those mammograms versus abortions that are performed by Planned Parenthood. It is as though, women are not allowed to look behind the curtain to see the Wizard who dictates the destruction of lives that will not be born.

Sen. Rick Santorum has taken the position that health insurance plans should not be required to cover birth control. He also favors allowing states to decide whether to ban birth control. Speaker Gingrich wants to withdraw government money from Planned Parenthood because it performs abortions in addition to providing contraceptives, because federal money cannot be used for abortions. Therefore, just like Gingrich and Santorum, women ought to be outraged that they are going to be used like pawns to get votes to re-elect Obama. In as much, the Catholic Church has the right to be angry at the President for suppressing their faith in the name of politics.

In a diabolical but clever manner, the Obama Administration aims at the largest voting bloc of women, 18-29 year old women who care about contraceptives and abortions. They are 54% of the voters. Unmarried women are 41% of these votes, Latina women 42%, Black women 41%. So this outcry for women’s health is true to some extent. But let us not forget that underneath that whisper of the importance of hope and change, are the smothered cries of the unborn’s rights.


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