Time is Running Out: Veto HB 4294

VETO HB 4294Conservative citizens throughout the state of Texas are building a vocal campaign against the menacing House Bill 4294, which passed the State Legislature in its recent session. It is imperative that we come together and convince our governor, Gov. Rick Perry, to veto this bill- a bill that Dave Mundy from the Houston Education Examiner declares "would further undermine parental authority over what drivel is instilled into their children."

Your Action is Required! 

  • Sign the online petition
  • Call Gov. Perry at 512-463-2000 / 800-252-9600
  • or send a fax Gov. Perry Urgent at 512-463-1849.

HB 4294 will distinguish the authority of our taxpayer elected State Board of Education (SBOE) representatives to oversee the content of electronic textbooks in Texas schools. HB4294 will leave our elected State Board powerless- "which is exactly what the education bureaucracy and textbook publishers want."

As explained in a previous Texas GOP Vote.com article, "The elected SBOE members spend the better part of their lives voluntarily trying to address education issues. Respectfully, most of our legislators don't have nearly as much knowledge and expertise on education as the elected SBOE."

In my letters to constituents urging them to put pressure on Perry to veto HB4294, I included some actual quotes from print textbooks that have already been approved by the bureaucrats:

"Greenpeace is a mainstream organization." (Then the textbook proceeded to give out the 1-800 number to school children.)

"Ronald Reagan's policies helped the rich but hurt the poor."

"Many children today no longer pledge their allegiance to a particular nation or country; they now pledge their allegiance to the planet that keeps us alive."

Dave Mundy explains that “the supporters of HB4294 have attempted to misdirect the criticism by implying that it’s all about putting technology into the classroom; it’s not. Technology is in our classrooms now. This bill is about minimizing objections of people who don’t want their children to be brainwashed with radical leftist politics, and who want to retain their right to control what their children are taught through their elected representatives."

Time is running out, and it is up to you to do something about this bill. Help rescue the taxpayers, children, and teachers of Texas by vetoing HB 4294!


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