TEXAS REMAINS RED – Battleground Texas turns Livid!

Conservatism is not dead in Texas! How fantastic is it that Texas remained RED in spite of the fact that Battleground Texas worked so hard to defeat the Republicans, to erase our Conservative Values. After twelve years of Governor Rick Perry, Texas remained strong and reelected another Republican, Greg Abbott, who defeated Abortion Wendy Davis statewide with a devastating blow of 59.28% to her weak 38.88%. Abbott said, “Whether you voted for me, against me or didn’t vote at all, I’m going to work every single day to keep Texas the best state in the United States of America.” And no matter how hard Davis tried to hide her abortion agenda she just never got away from it. In fact, Davis did not even win Liberal Bexar County, Abbot 49.74% to her 48.42%.

We all expected George P. Bush to fare well because of his name recognition and Hispanic ethnicity. If GP Bush ever aspires for higher office in Texas, he will have to garner the trust and support of the grassroots. Ken Paxton for Attorney General, Sid Miller Commissioner of Agriculture, Glenn Hegar for Comptroller, and Ryan Sitton Railroad Commissioner all won in Bexar County with the exception of Dan Patrick who lost to native favorite Leticia van de Putte.

San Antonio still has a long way to go since it did not vote Carlton Soules over rooted incumbent Nelson Wolff for Bexar County Judge. Soules, an outstanding candidate, came close but not close enough with a 44.19% to Wolff’s 52.09%. Sometimes candidates try to tip toe around the social issues because they think that this will not sit well with the voters, but in my opinion Soules missed an opportunity to make a stronger stance on his prolife, traditional marriage values which may have given him the edge. Perhaps, business owners do not vote Republican because of the 'threat' they perceive to their business.

It seems that Democrat Nico LaHood did capitalize on his ‘Catholic’ values because he certainly does not have the experience necessary to administer the District Attorney’s office. Republican Susan Reed may have the knowledge and experience to run the District Attorney’s office but this was one time she should have stated her conservative principles to counter LaHood’s born again Christianity. LaHood’s defense of DWI knowledge is a far cry from the difficult cases that face Bexar County, such as death penalty, armed robbery, juvenile and family violence, white collar indictments, etc. As the fourth largest District Attorney’s office in the state this is one position all of Bexar County should watch, considering the fact that LaHood received $1.5 million from one trial attorney to ‘win’.

Texas Senator Donna Campbell stomped on habitual runner Daniel Boone who campaigned as a moderate. Dr. Campbell is exactly what Texas Senate District 25 wants, a strong conservative. She won with 61.15% leaving Boone behind in a cloud of dust with 31.82%. Congratulations also to Konni Burton for winning Wendy Davis’ senate seat in Senate District 10.

In the three congressional districts I endorsed 21, 23 and 35, Will Hurd managed to soundly beat incumbent Pete Gallegos with a 57.08% to 40.25% in Bexar County but overall he just barely edged his opponent with a 49.78% to 47.66% win. It might be wise for Hurd to gather his grassroots army now to stop the see saw situation between Democrat and Republican in that seat. His Republican predecessor didn’t think he needed grassroots help either and lost in his bid for reelection. Hopefully Hurd will be the one to stabilize Congressional District 23. Congratulations to Congressman Lamar Smith CD21 on his remarkable reelection. He has managed to be elected and reelected since 1987. Unfortunately Susan Narvaiz’s valiant effort to beat Lloyd Doggett for Congressional District 35 did not become a reality. CD35 is situated along IH35 from San Antonio to Austin covering six counties. Her heaviest lost was Bexar County with Comal County being her strongest supporter.

Texas US Senator John Cornyn won statewide with 61.59% which is a feat in itself since he had not only a Democrat opponent but three others. The Senate will be enriched by his experience, knowledge and negotiating skills. Senator Ted Cruz can continue to focus on riding herd over congress.

Amazing how an activist like myself who is not as widely known can predict the winners and how the very Liberal Express News Editorial Board with all their writers and technology can be so out of touch with their readership and fail so miserably in their non-judicial endorsements. Now that we have remained RED, let’s work together to bring about the change conservatives really want.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

Greg Abbott Victory Speech





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