SD-2 Candidate Bob Hall Domestic Abuse and Tax Lien Documents Released

In a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, author Terrence Stutz makes a number of shocking claims about Texas Senate District 2 run-off candidate Bob Hall. Bob Hall is running against incumbent Senator Bob Deuell, M.D. in the May 27th run-off election.

TexasGOPVote acquired the following documents that Terrence Stutz made reference to in the article to show validity to his statements.

Terrence Stutz starts off his article discussing a domestic violence dispute, writing:

A Republican Senate candidate is disputing the accuracy of a 20-year-old court order that barred him from seeing his former wife after she accused him of verbal and physical assault.

Hall and his former wife, Jane E. Hall, had been divorced four years when they took their allegations against each other in July 1994 into Florida courts.

In seeking a protective order against Hall, she said in a document filed in Okaloosa County that she asked Hall to leave her house during a confrontation over alimony. She said he began screaming and threatened to quit paying.

“Asked to leave my house, he refused and became more violent, physically attacking me,” she said. “During our twenty-three years of marriage, he was prone to furious rages. I was physically, sexually and verbally abused for most of our marriage.”

The Okaloosa County document Stutz refers to has been obtained through an open records request to the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court. Click here to view this document.

This isn't the first time that Bob Hall has had his sights on this race. As Stutz explains, Hall tried to run against Senator Bob Deuell two years ago, but was not allowed to when it was discovered that he did not meet the residency requirements. 

The following document shows that from 2001 - 2013, Hall declared his residency annually in the state of Florida with the Florida Secretary of State. However, he has also declared himself a resident of Texas since 2009. Click here to view this document.

In his DMN article, Terrence Stutz mentions that Bob Hall owned a Florida-based company, Professional Proposal Management Inc., that assisted businesses in obtaining federal contracts. Information about his company has since been taken off the web; however, using internet archives, information from the company website was retrieved. The following document contains the recovered material from his site as well as articles about how two multi-million dollar companies Hall assisted in obtaining government contracts were accused of fraud and over-billing. Click here to view this document.

Terrence Stutz also discusses Bob Hall's tax liens, stating:

He racked up nearly $165,000 in federal tax liens on his Florida properties over a 20-year period because of unpaid federal taxes, according to court records in Santa Rosa County, Fla. That was based on eight separate federal income tax liens during the period, and all have since been settled, including as recently as 2011, records show.

The county court records Stutz refers to have been obtained through Florida County official records. Click here to view this document.


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