Texas Bill Introduced to Ban School Districts from Building Hotels

This is a follow up to the letter on TexasGOPvote.com regarding Financial Corruption in Texas Schools. One section of this letter, which was about Texas School Corruption, called for action to be taken to prevent school districts from building hotels or doing other activities that directly compete with private, non-education related businesses, like what Beaumont ISD was trying to do. Then, fellow Texan Brandon Darby (a conservative hero who once foiled a liberal group’s terror plot) posted an article on Breitbart’s nationally read Big Government blog in which he referenced this letter on TexasGOPvote.com. Brandon pointed out the wasteful spending going on in school districts across America and mentioned Beaumont ISD specifically. Darby further called on Americans to stand up and start fighting back just like the conservatives in Beaumont, TX are fighting back against the Beaumont ISD.

On February 17, 2011, the day after these two articles were posted online, Beaumont State Representative Allan Ritter and Beaumont State Senator Tommy Williams introduced a bill that would prohibit School Districts from building hotels. These public servants went on to call out the Beaumont ISD for even considering using educational taxpayer dollars on something as ludicrous as building a hotel.

On the night of February, 17, 2011, the Beaumont School District Superintendent (who is grossly overpaid) made a public statement that they, the Beaumont ISD, would no longer be looking into building a Hotel.

Brandon Darby was right. Regular people working together can really make things happen and stop wasteful government spending in school districts all across the nation, just like what happened in Beaumont, TX. All it takes are the people in a community standing up against corruption in their community. Once the regular people of a community start standing up you then will have a local newspaper article about the issue. Then the local legislators and political players start to take notice. If the people keep making enough noise about the issue, you will then have statewide and national bloggers catching wind of the story and writing about the corruption. That further pressures the political players and local legislators to take action. The next thing you know there is a law introduced to fight the corruption, and the school district stops the wasteful spending. But it all starts with regular people standing up and saying enough it enough. So fellow conservatives around the State of Texas, I ask you to stand up and speak out against government waste. If we all work together we can make Texas Education better, while at the same time putting a stop to wasteful spending.


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