Tarleton State University Hosts Hate Speech Against Christians, Play Canceled

The following is a thank you note regarding Lt. Gov. Dewhurst condemning the play entitled "Corpus Christi."

Greetings! Thank you for getting the information about the blasphemous, homosexual play, "Corpus Christi," to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst. Please be sure to thank Lt. Gov. Dewhurst for issuing a press release condemning the play. With much appreciation for your support in this matter.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Governor Perry for his behind the scenes work to stop the play at Tarleton State. Ray Sullivan, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, was notified of the play on Thursday and after discussing it with the Governor, the necessary steps were taken to ensure that its performance was canceled. I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven Hotze, M.D.
Conservative Republicans of Texas

Below is information about the play that would have taken place Saturday:

STEPHENVILLE, Texas — The performance of a play that portrays Jesus as gay has been canceled at Tarleton State University amid what school officials say are "safety and security concerns."

Critics say the Terrence McNally play "Corpus Christi," which premiered in 1998 in New York, is blasphemous. But the Tarleton student who was directing the production said he chose it to help gay youths who may be struggling with their faith.

Security concerns were cited in prompting the university to initially change the start time and restrict attendance for Saturday's production. Then, on Friday night, the school put a statement on its Web site saying the professor decided to cancel it due to safety and security concerns. The school said the production will not be rescheduled.

Stephenville is about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Below is the statement about the play before it was canceled:


On Saturday, March 27, Tarleton State University in Texas will host a performance of "Corpus Christi," the Terrence McNally play that was the subject of a major street demonstration launched by the Catholic League in 1998 when it opened in New York City.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains his position:

There are three things wrong about this event: (a) the play is hate speech directed at Christians and is far more than just a "gay Jesus" play (b) it is being shown at a state university, and (c) it is being performed on the eve of Palm Sunday.

I saw the play, led the demonstration against it, and debated its supporters when it came out in 1998. Jesus is depicted as the "King of the Queers" who says to the apostles, "F--- your mother, F--- your father, F--- God." The apostle Philip asks Jesus (called Joshua in the play) to perform oral sex on him, and at the end of the play Jesus condemns a priest for condemning homosexuality. Crotch grabbing, simulated urination, etc. color the performance. No wonder even the gay-friendly New York Times slammed it as an artistic bomb.

Tarleton is funded by the taxpayers, most of whom are Christians. That they should have to underwrite hate speech against their religion, on the brink of Holy Week, is not an accident—it is a deliberate act of provocation. No doubt this same university would put aside free speech concerns if students wanted to erect a nativity scene on campus, or sing "Ave Maria" at a university event. They only seem to invoke academic freedom when it suits their ideological agenda.


I am thoroughly disgusted by this article!! I can not believe you are actually thanking a government official for going AGAINST the constitution and limiting students to their rights of free speech. Whether you agree with what is portrayed or not is not the point, this is not a play depicting a religion or a fact. I assume that it is to make you think about your own religion and evaluate it yourselves, like many pieces of dramatic literature do. I can't believe the article states, "the necessary steps were taken to ensure that its performance was canceled" ARE YOU KIDDING?! The school was scared for the SAFTEY of their students! Those are the necessary steps?! If so, then I would be more ashamed of my religion for threatening harmless actors then the play that parallels my messiah as a homosexual. Do you realize that Christians did the exact same thing when African Americans(who we NOW consider equal humans) tried to integrate into our lives? I can't believe that after all the horrid things that have been committed in the name of Christianity and all the laws of this wonderful nation that SHOULD allow people to express themselves freely even IF certain people disagree with it, that you would celebrate this tragedy. So once again I say, Shame on you!.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND STUPID. ITS JUST A PLAY YOU IDIOTS. Apparently its not okay to hate Christians but its okay to hate homosexuals. Well some of you Christians should be slapped for your ignorance. Mind your own business. No one is hating on your faith so you should mind your own business.

As a lifelong Christian Republican, I am ashamed at the lack of acceptance of the so-called Texas GOP.  I am sure that cancelling this play was a genius way to bring younger voters to our platform and causes.  No wonder the democrats keep gaining ground.  I for one will be voting for anyone that runs against Dewhurst.
Also, the speech by Catholic League president Bill Donohue (above) promoting eye for an eye type behavior is very un-Christian like. 

Chirstians do not hate homosexuals.  Jesus loves homosexuals just like he loves everyone.  God makes no distinction:  Romans 3:23 tells us "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  Romans 6:23 tells us "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
There is one exclusive way to eternal life and that is through Jesus Christ.  However, that way is open to all who will accept. 
We are all sinners and are all in need of salvation.  It is not God's will for people to be caught in sin--any sin.  That is a choice.  The way out of that sin is through faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. 

I would personally like to thank Lt.Govenor Dewhurst, Steven Hotze, Bill Donohue, Norman Adams and all those anywhere and everywhere who stopped or refused to participate in this play.  You can bet, the nation is watching. 

I understand that there may be gay people struggling with issues related to their faith, but they can not change Christianity to fit their criteria/agenda or justification.  If they are struggling and if they are Christians, they should take that matter up personally with their Lord, Jesus Christ and through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit, ask for understanding and His perspective regarding their struggle. 

This is not a matter of "religion" this is a matter of spirituality. 

1 Corinthians 2:14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them because they are spritiually discerned.

If you don't know the difference, understand that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came not into the world to condemn the world, but to save it. John 3:17. He died on the cross in the form of sinful humanity to take on the sins of every individual breathing breath, once and for all. 1 John 4:10  If you will acknowledge that He died in your place, for the forgivenss of your sin and ask Him to come into your life, He will redeem you and you will pass from death into life, without condemnation. Romans 10:9 He will seal you with the Holy Spirit and "none" will be able to pluck you from His hand.John 10: 28 & 29.  This is His free gift to all and to any who comes to Him, unconditionally, gay or not.   John 1:12

If gays are struggling and not Christians, then perhaps they should seek the Lord and ask for a personal relationship.  James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."  Also, Mathew 7.7 " Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

It is a cowardly thing for gays to say Christians attack gays.  That is just a poor attempt to change and/or condemn Christianity.

They play is blasphemous, it is wrong and and Christian or not, God will hold all accountable.

Truly, the play "Corpus Christi" is anti-Christian and defamatory, and as such, by comparative modern standards, constitutes hate speech.

Unfortunately, hate crimes laws are not meant to stem hatred or violence, but to enforce left-wing political correctness.  They are meant to hush dissent against select politicized identities such as certain gender choices (not all), certain lifestyle choices (not all), and certain religions or non-religions (not all).  They are particularly hostile to Christianity and historical, conventional, conservative lifestyle and political choices.

In short, in the eyes of the Radical Left, Christianity is "fair game" for attack and unworthy of protection from hate speech, not at all fitting within their definition of a protected class.  Meanwhile, Christians are likewise not accorded the same level of free speech rights so vaunted by the Left.  Free speech is to them a ball game at which only their team is allowed to score.

What about free speech! I want our college students to question everything. It is in their questioning that they realize what they truly believe. Our Government should not be in the position to decide what plays we can or can not see. The republican party has a lot of work to do to reunite the party! This is another example of big government, mind your business and stick to the task at hand, get the democrats out of office!

pretty funny, listening to the homosexual lobby having a tantrum...bottom line is that such a perverted play holds such import to the homosexual lobby tells you all that is needed to know

As a 1998 graduate of Tarleton, it makes my stomach turn every time I hear that a Tarleton professor would even consider allowing such a play to be the subject of any assignment. 
At a time when Christianity is "fair game", it is refreshing to see that some of our elected officials will listen to their constituients and stand up for the beliefs that our country was founded upon.  The only way I would be happier is if the administration at Tarleton had shown enough backbone to cancel the play on their own.

So conservatives only believe in the First Amendment when it's convenient for them, is that what I should gather from this "thank you" letter?


I noticed Dewhurst never has any problem with police protection being given to the Klan when they march.  Does that not consume State resources?  Or is their viewpoint one that you and Dewhurst agree with.

And you wonder why you're losing Generations X and Y.



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