This Week in Washington

This week, the House approved two bills to rein in the Administration’s unrestrained executive overreach. The Constitution clearly states that once laws are enacted, the president is tasked with responsibly enforcing them. However, throughout his presidency, President Obama has chosen to selectively enforce the law or sidestep Congress through executive action to push his political priorities. Most recently, the president unilaterally delayed or modified several parts of ObamaCare due to the law’s devastating impact on families and businesses.

In response to the president overstepping the boundaries of his constitutional authority, the House passed the ENFORCE the Law Act and the Faithful Execution of the Law Act. These bills restore balance to the separation of powers by implementing tools for Congress to hold the president and any federal official accountable for failing to faithfully execute the law. These important bills would prevent the troublesome expansion of executive power that we’ve witnessed from the current Administration and provide the American people with certainty that the laws on the books will be followed.


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