Stephen Broden campaign chief of staff gives election day updates - Voter Fraud in TX-30

The race for the 30th Congressional District of Texas is heating up so much that the Democrats are doing whatever they can to grasp at any chance they can to keep longtime liberal incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson in her seat - even if it means cheating in the polls.

Republican candidate Stephen Broden's Chief of Staff Jeni McGarry has been at the polling locations in Dallas and tweeting and updating her facebook page with what she is witnessing and hearing, which includes election judges telling voters to vote straight ticket Democrat, voters being told they have already voted when they have not, election judges saying you can't vote split ticket, and more! At least the NRCC has sent attorneys to help take care of this mess!

Jeni McGarry's Facebook updates are as follows:

3hrs left... more of Election Judge that feels proper id or voter card is not required to vote in regular ballot...waiting on Sheriff to do criminal investigation!!
More fun - illegal electioneering? Confirmed unidentified voter (I mean came in with id that did not match any name on roster), no voter id at all was ordered regular ballot when Alternate Judge said the voter should receive provisional ballot - Election Judge ordered reg ballot- ... we have NRCC Attnys going every di...rection- sheriffs running throughout S Dallas - & sos to S.O.S. 's office..
‎... the adventure continues... Elec. Clerks telling voters they cannot split tickets, then registered voters cannot vote b/c someone has already voted for them? omgsh wondering if TX laws simply do not apply in South Dallas? Calling SOS's office again & NRCC Attorneys to the rescue... cross your fingers and pray- 5hrs left!!!
Wow - the cloak and dagger today! I now know what Michael Corleone felt in GF 1 when his father was in hospital and his protection was sent home.. we had an election clerk pushing straight D and an election Judge letting her - even when the one Alt. E Judge caught them-she called for reinforcements - we came & then the Calvary - NRCC Attorneys!!

Jeni McGarry's tweets are as follows:

Now person w/ no valid id or on rolls told no provisional ballot- ordered reg ballot by Elctn Judge-when questioned
Madness cont-rprts voters told they can't b/c someone did in their place,splitting tickets not allwd&Elctn clrks loomng ovr voters
Whoa!! 3615-S.O.S. being call-NRCC being called.voters being told they have already spliting of tkts.
Woohoo the calvery has arrived..NRCC army rocks!
Btw the person being chastized by dem election worker is an R attorney


Amazing..voter intimidation in progress

Watching election official argue that he can tell voters to vote straight Dems..shouting down lone R


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