Statement from Family of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry About This Morning's Murder of Yet Another Agent

US Customs and Border Patrol Badge - MourningThis morning, two US Border Patrol Agents station in Naco, AZ at the Brian Terry Border Patrol Station were shot.  One of the agents was killed and a second was injured. I spoke this morning with Michelle Terry-Balogh, sister of Agent Brian Terry who was murdered nearly two years ago during a mission very similar in nature and location to this morning's shooting.  

Michelle told me the following on behalf of her family, "The Brian Terry family is deeply saddened to hear of the shooting and death of a fellow agent, our hearts go out to both agents' families and fellow brothers in green. They have truly became our extended family and the pain feels as if one of our own."

It must be very difficult when you have lost a family member like this, to wake up one morning and find out another family must now deal with the same kind of loss that you have endured. And, at the same time, you know you still do not have answers to what happened to your own loved one after nearly two years.

Image from Brian Terry Memorial

From very early on in the investigation of Brian Terry's murder, I ran into road blocks from the government unlike any I have encountered with other stories. When Congresswoman Giffords was shot shortly after Terry's murder, the same FBI office that could not provide any information about Terry's murder was a wealth of information about the Giffords shooting. I wrote shortly after Terry's murder about the apparent cover-up in this case by the government.

In a statement just released from the FBI Office in Phoenix, spokeswoman Jennifer Giannola said, "The FBI and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office are conducting a joint investigation into the shooting of Border Patrol agents near Naco, Arizona, on Tuesday, October 2, in the early morning hours. One agent died from his injuries and another, who sustained non-life threatening wounds, was airlifted to a local hospital. The investigation remains on-going."

I am expecting a statement shortly from the Cochise County Sheriff's Department. I will keep you up to date with information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, my prayers go out to the families of the agents involved in this morning's shooting and continue to go out to the family of Brian Terry.

Family of Agent Brian Terry

Family of Agent Brian Terry



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