Rep. Chip Roy Calls Out San Antonio DA for Reckless Bail Policies After SATX Cops Shot on Duty

Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) called out San Antonio District Attorney Joe Gonzales for supporting soft on crime bail policies after two SAPD police officers were shot and another was injured. The alleged perpetrator is a repeat offender who, prior to the incident, had been released from jail on bond despite having a violent past.

Representative Roy wrote, “As you know, recently a repeat criminal who was released from jail on bail fired upon and injured three San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers. This tragedy is neither acceptable nor unforeseeable, and is a direct consequence of lax bail policies that threaten the safety of Bexar County residents and our law enforcement officers.”

Rep. Roy noted there is a disturbing pattern of individuals with criminal histories attacking SAPD, “This is not an isolated incident. Just yesterday, there were two separate arrest attempts in which SAPD officers sustained gunshot wounds, sending two officers to the hospital.  While details on both events are still emerging, both suspects appear to have been allowed to freely roam the streets despite having extensive criminal histories.

The congressman also highlighted San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus’ frustration with policies that allow dangerous criminals to be released from jail only to go on to threaten the safety of the public and law enforcement.

“So, that is my question to you, and to the entire leadership of San Antonio – why? Is it your office’s preferred policy to release dangerous criminals on the streets?  Is it the city leadership’s preference, and you agree?  Disagree?  The families of these officers and the people of San Antonio deserve to know the answers to these questions and more… So kindly advise as to the intentions of your office before we consider any future federal grants or other requests for federal resources.” Roy concluded.

Read the full letter here.


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