Rick Perry for President? The Texas Governor’s Entry into the Presidential Race Could Change Everything

There have been numerous stories and indications recently that Texas Governor Rick Perry is now considering entering the GOP presidential sweepstakes. Rush Limbaugh devoted considerable time to a Perry candidacy on yesterday’s show (5/18/2011), and numerous articles have been written on the internet and in the print media regarding his possible candidacy. Until now, few pundits have considered Perry to be a possible candidate for president, possibly because he has not been engaged in the kind of activities that serious presidential candidates engage in – building a campaign organization, seeking media recognition, travelling to early primary states, etc.

However, the pundits and the political media are beginning to see a real vacuum in the GOP field, especially now that Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence and Haley Barbour have all declined to run, and Newt Gingrich’s campaign has already imploded before it even got started.

When you think about it analytically, Rick Perry is now almost the perfect candidate to enter the GOP field for president. Just look at his credentials from the standpoint of experience, attractiveness and political philosophy. Here are just some of the outstanding qualifications that Perry presents if he enters this race for the presidency:

  • As Governor of Texas for over 10 years, he is the nation’s longest serving governor. 
  • He has led Texas to becoming the number one business friendly state in the nation according to CNBC, and Chief Executive Magazine listed Texas the #1 state in which to do business after surveying 550 CEO's from across America. 
  • He has succeeded in balancing the state budget every year he has been governor. 
  • He has lowered property taxes for the residents of Texas while keeping Texas free of income taxes, one of only 7 states in the nation that can make that claim. 
  • He maintains a strong pro-life position and will be most attractive to social and evangelical conservatives.  
  • He is a solid fiscal and economic conservative, appealing to that wing of the party. 
  • He is a physically attractive man with a winning, charismatic personality.  
  • He is a strong and articulate communicator. 
  • He governs a state that shares a border with Mexico and he thoroughly understands the problems and the impact of illegal immigration. 
  • His wife Anita is an attractive and gracious First lady of Texas and will make an outstanding First Lady of the United States.

There are a few negatives that Perry must overcome, with his being from Texas probably the largest. No doubt, Barack Obama will continue to blame George W. Bush for all of the nation’s problems that he, Obama, has failed so miserably to solve. Of course, Obama will tie George Bush and Texas together and this characterization will appeal to some of the electorate. This potential attack can easily be thwarted by Perry pointing out the incredible growth of the best business friendly state in the nation and how Texas type policies can get the United States back on track once again.

In short, Rick Perry is the ideal candidate to win the Republican nomination for president and to go on and beat Barack Obama in the general election. I have said many times that the three most important attributes that a Republican candidate in 2012 must exhibit are Charisma, Competence and Conservatism.

Republicans have been looking for the next Ronald Reagan ever since Reagan left office, without much success. Rick Perry may well be the closest candidate that we might see in some time that brings back the spirit, the energy and the conservative commitment of Ronald Reagan to the Republican Party.

Texas conservatives should strongly support Rick Perry for President.


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I will support him if he runs.

Rick Perry is almost too good to be true. The ONLY thing that could sidetrack his run would be a poor choice in running mates. I think back to Reagan running with Bush 41. I don't think Reagan needed to have a moderate on the ticket. He still would have won in a landslide. I believe Perry needs another Conservative on the ticket. Herman Cain, Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann. DON'T put a RINO on the ticket!
Best wishes & God Bless,Paul

It's Time for Mr Perry to join the Race, we someone that can win over a
America, and I don't see anyone else running that will.
So Mr Perry (Mr Prisdent) , lets get moving, let's round up the heard and take Washington.

he should be president!!!!

he should be president!!!!

Rick Perry must run for President, He knows what needs to be done to get the country back on track He kows how to run the Goverment like a business.

We have to quit spending money we don't have.

John O Casteel

Long time Republican

I have read Rick Perry's bio's and researched this man!  We need him "BAD" to run for President in 2012 and Save Our Country from the current President that is dragging our county into the ground!  We can not take another 4 years of this torture!!! Sign me up to support and work with Mr. Perry's staff to run in 2012!!!!  Rick! You already have my vote!!!!!


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