Review of Obama's Healthcare Speech

Our President's smooth-talking rhetoric can only get him so far. In a National Review Online article, Charles Krauthammer reviews Obama's prime-time news conference held Wedneday evening, in which Obama attempts to persuade us to mindlessly "jump on board" his socialist healthcare regime. Krauthammer unmasks Obama's deceitfully contrived healthcare plan saying:

The master rhetorician could conjure a world in which he bestows upon you health-care nirvana: more coverage, less cost.

But you can’t fake it in legislation. Once you commit your fantasies to words and numbers, the Congressional Budget Office comes along and declares that the emperor has no clothes.
President Obama premised the need for reform on the claim that medical costs are destroying the economy. True. But now we learn — surprise! — that universal coverage increases costs. The congressional Democrats’ health-care plans, says the CBO, increase costs in the range of $1 trillion plus.

Obama held his prime-time news conference in order to promote his healthcare reform bill with hopes of rushing this legislation along. However his inflammatory comments regarding doctors and police officers turned to be a rather counterproductive approach, drawing attention away from passing his healthcare reform bill and bringing light to his inappropriate remarks in which he slanders doctors and belittles police officers for "acting stupidly."

At least one positive thing proceeded from Obama's news conference- instead of citizens supporting a brisk push of his healthcare bill through Congress, people are now countering Obama for his insensitive remarks. If Obama keeps this up, we may be able to thwart all of his ill-advised initiatives! 





Beside slamming Obama and his plan, what plan/iniatives has Sen. Cornyn and other Republicans offered?  I mean specific plan or iniatives, not just rhetoric.  Healthcare is crap in the US.  We rank low in many areas of healthcare throughout the world and it is shameful compared to other industrialized countries. 

Get real Sen. Cornyn.  The healthcare system is broke.  As taxpayers we already pay into a single payer plan any time a person goes to the ER for their healthcare.  Plus, we pay for our own healthcare.  And to top if off, we pay for YOUR salary and healthcare benefits.  I think Americans should look at Senator's healthcare plans, which they receive for life and maybe fight for a system like theirs.  How about it Sen. Cornyn?  Tell us about YOUR healthcare.

How can the system be reformed to better serve everyone.  It's about time Americans see healthcare as a right, not a luxury. 

Please read this excerpt from Senator Cornyn's Senate floor remarks on June 22:

We need new approaches. Mr. President, there are better alternatives. We have a bill proposed by Senators Burr and Coburn on our side of the aisle. Several members on the Finance Committee, including myself, are working on a proposal that will empower patients and consumers, and not the government. It will not get between doctors and patients. It will not rely on denying or delaying access to care in order to keep costs down.
We believe that innovation is one of the things that's made health care in America among the greatest in the world, and that's why we believe that we need to retain and protect and nurture that innovation and that quality health care and to empower patients to use a market that plays by the rules to help lower their costs.

You can read the remarks in their entirety on Senator Cornyn's website.


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