Is Obama Really A Dunce?

Just in case you missed it, Barack Obama has discovered that Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville are off the Gulf Coast. So from the President, who once traveled our 57 states during the 2008 elections and noted that Austrians spoke, well, Austrian, and has just found out that the Gulf is now located where the Atlantic Ocean once was, Sarah Palin is supposedly the stupid one?

Leftist Howard Dean wrote, “One major problem is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body.” Isn’t this what Sarah Palin essentially said in 2010 when she described the IPAB would act as defacto death panels due to its rationing power? So we are now finding out that you don’t need to understand economics or geography to graduate from Harvard and maybe Sarah Palin wasn’t so dumb after all!

These incidences simply show the willingness of the media to protect Obama, for if a Republican had mention that Charleston, South Carolina was on the Gulf Coast, it would be front page news on most media outlets. And it is starting to look like media protection of Obama in 2012 may have played a role in Obama winning the election. We now know that Obama and Clinton’s original version of what happened in Libya was a lie, and we still don’t know what has happened that night. How would Americans respond if they knew that the IRS was being used to punish political opponents, newspaper reporters were being spied on, the NSA surveillance was more widespread than originally believed and maybe more extensive than what was under Bush’s administration? Remember when the leftist media pundits mocked Romney for his view that Russia was a threat to United States? Now Russia’s Putin mocks Obama as he allows Snowden asylum and thumbs his nose at Obama.

Media has failed Americans by not covering the Obama administration in the same fashion that they would cover a Republican. From Fast and Furious featuring a gunrunning program gone astray to the IRS scandal that is expanding, we are witnessing the most corrupt administration in the post-World War II era. Not even Nixon could top what the Obama administration has accomplished. Yet you would not know that from reading much of the media.

Nor should we forget that our President compared the mass murderer and dictator Ho Chi Minh to Thomas Jefferson. The historical record shows the opposite, and over 50,000 Americans gave their lives to give South Vietnam a chance for freedom but we have a President with complete ignorance of our recent history. And we call Sarah Palin stupid. Need I say more?


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