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“Like all of you, I Iove this country deeply. Thank you all for being here — indeed the only thing that you love more is the living Christ.” - Governor Rick Perry at Reliant Stadium Houston, Texas

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The response to ‘The Response’ was affirmation that Christ still lives within our hearts and minds. Bill and I ‘attended’ the Prayer Rally via Live Streaming along with about 80,000 others. The rally was heart warming and a sincere cry from the people present in the stadium. The program was well planned as it included issues like abortion, the Texas drought, and our nation in crisis. The music was uplifting and seeing and hearing the people pray connected all of us. The message that Governor Rick Perry delivered was a message of love and forgiveness for our sins. “Like all of you, I Iove this country deeply. Thank you all for being here — indeed the only thing that you love more is the living Christ.” “Father, our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home, we see fear in the marketplace, we see anger in the halls of government. And as a nation, we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us. And for that we cry out for your forgiveness.”

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The number of people attending the Prayer Rally at Reliant Stadium in Houston from newspaper accounts ranges from 30,000 to 40,000. Regardless there were enough to show the world that we stand with Christ and that Governor Perry is not afraid to proclaim his faith.

At a critical time in our nation when it seems that Christians are fighting for every prayer we make in public, Governor Perry showed courage by believing in a power greater than man. Pundits claimed that this was going to be the death of Perry’s political career; I say this is the beginning. Only time will tell how America responds to Governor Perry if he decides to run for president.

All Governors were invited to attend and only Republicans Rick Scott from Florida and Sam Brownback from Kansas dared to make remarks, one via video and Brownback who attended the rally. Governor Brownback quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 and read the Eight Beatitudes to the crowd. This was very impressive. The absence of the rest of the governors should make all of us wonder if fear of losing the next election had anything to do with their appearance. Who are they putting first?

I received positive feedback on the Prayer Rally and of course some very hateful remarks from persons who are NOT Conservatives in Action but receive my CIA Reports. Their messages were full of hate and go beyond reality concerning our governor. I am only sharing some of the positive comments from CIA’s.

Conservatives In Action speak out:

Sonja, I’ve never been so proud of Perry as I was today. His speech was tremendous. He said we can’t trust either party to get us out of the mess we are in. Only God can do that! I watched the event at a local church that had a simulcast of the rally. I’m so distressed that I was unable to fill a bus and attend in person. Ruth P Well, I give Perry credit. I think that was a smart move. Sandy This is so much nonsense....anyone and everyone was invited. Try to block people from attending a free event at Reliant Stadium. Hello, let me see your Christian card. I think not. Mary LE Recall, when much of the mainstream media remained mute when President Obama claimed before the world, that America was no longer a Christian Nation, well he is surely not " A FISHER Of MEN ". Please support possible Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Governor of Texas. The Progressive charlatans are hysterical at the Governor leading a huge prayer group in Texas. Evil prefers the Darkness, and languishes in the LIGHT of TRUTH. With the Shield of Faith, the Good will prevail. Ken P

I am listening to it livestream right now as I am typing this. I am conscious of a cry of the Spirit that is going on in the invisible realm. WE are engaging and pressing in to touch God's heart, have the light of truth shine in our own hearts and respond in humility and obedience to Him. Jeff

It was fabulous and a blessing to attend. It was not political, mostly prayers and praise and worship. All ages of people, young, old, married, some came with children and all races. About 200 people led the prayers and not one person was a star. This is what I felt about Perry; he really was comfortable in expressing himself with the people. He has a heart for the country and a heart for God. It was beautiful to see all these people praising God. We feel we attended a historical event and are grateful we went. Phil and Kaylene H

I was in attendance physically at the stadium and was thrilled to hear and see the people, including Governor Perry, calling on Jesus to heal our nation, protect our troops, and guide our president. Pam R


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