The Real Townhall: Get the Word Out!

Your help is needed in promoting the Real Townhall for TX-27!

Democratic Congressman Solomon Ortiz has held little to no town hall meetings during his 27 years in Congress. Now with the healthcare debate heating up, constituents are requesting their Representative to hold a town hall meeting in order to discuss healthcare reform. What was Representative Ortiz's response? A "telephone town hall meeting." Is that really the best he can do?

Let us refresh Congressman Ortiz on some definitions of the word constituent:

  • Empowered to elect or designate. 
  • A resident of a district or member of a group represented by an elected official.
  • One that authorizes another to act as a representative; a client.

The Constituents of District 27 are the ones that “Empower their Congressman," and they deserve Representation, as does every constituent in the United States.

So local Republicans and members of the local tea party are organizing The Real Townhall on September 2 at 4 pm. This is 2 hours prior to the start of the Ortiz "telphone town hall."

James Matthew Duerr, the only declared Republican candidate as well as a panel of healthcare experts will be answering citizens' questions about healthcare. Then when the congressman's conference call starts the phone line will be plugged into the PA system, and the audience will be invited to stay and listen.

Please help get the word out about this event! It is action like this that will truly make a difference. We must restore the core values of the Texas GOP!


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