San Antonio Struggles with Zoning for Planned Parenthood Mega Complex while another Abortuary is Planned


Without Life there is no family.” - Patrick Von Dohlen

San Antonio Family Association president Patrick Von Dohlen held the first conference at 7402 John Smith Dr. on Thursday, February 26, 2015 where another abortuary, Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services, just a mile away from the Planned Parenthood Mega Complex at 2140 Babcock, is being readied. The Planned Parenthood Babcock location will kill 11.4 babies per day. Accirdung to Von Dohlen, “We project 30 babies per day.” This latest killing center for the unborn will kill 10.4 or 11.4 babies per day. They will sell that many abortions per day. Von Dohlen commented that there is racial targeting in San Antonio since the population is 60% Hispanic and 71% of Hispanics are going into these clinics. Cynthia Brehm, mayoral candidate for the city of San Antonio spoke and said, “San Antonio is the number one city per capita for the most churches and yet ‘they’ are bringing in these kill clinics.” This statement should be a red flag for all the church leaders not just the Catholic Church which dominates in San Antonio. Obviously, there is a problem.

Both of the slaughter clinics happen to be in Catholic Ron Nirenberg’s district 8 and all he does is deny that there is a problem with the zoning on the 2140 Babcock location. Mike Knuffke explained in detail the zoning situation at the 2104 Babcock location which is classified by the city of San Antonio as C1. Zone C1, is considered a light commercial district and a buffer to C2 and C3 which are industrial. Zone C1 cannot exceed 5,000 sq. ft. according to the city of SA but the 2104 Babcock location is 22,000 sq. ft. The John Smith abortion clinic is located in C2 zoning district and has unlimited size. The new abortion clinic is in the correct zoning C2.

According to Knuffke, the interpretation from the city in reference to the 2104 Babcock location as of December 22, 2014, which is in Zone C1, “The use of professional offices and laboratory testing are permitted uses within C1 based zoning district however, cold storage, medical surgery facilities, and hospitals are not permitted uses within C1 based zoning district. This is the biggest piece of testimony that we have. This is from their department saying it is not an appropriate use.”

“Could we have been duped?” asked Knuffke. He stated further that, “Planned Parenthood is telling the city of San Antonio that this location at 2140 Babcock will only be for neighborhood doctors’ offices but they are telling the state of Texas that there will be two operating rooms and the staff will consist of physicians, physician’s assistants, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and medical assistants.”

Knuffke went on to say that campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood totaling $100,000 are going into the coffers of Mike Villarreal candidate for SA mayor, Ivy Taylor present SA mayor and candidate, Ron Nirenberg District 8, Joe Krier District 9, Ray Lopez District 6, actually all of the council members except Mike Gallagher District 10.

Kellie Gretschel from San Antonio Coalition for Life spoke with the owners of the BCO of the new abortion clinic, Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services. The progress of the building is on target and is about 80% complete.

Von Dohlen called for a strong stand by pro-lifers to stop buying products or services from businesses that contribute to Planned Parenthood. He listed the names and companies involved in the construction and design of the Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services. The owners are Alan Braid and Eduardo Aquino; contractors are Drash Contracting Company LLC, BCO design, owners are Mat Bowman, Michael Clancy, Christina Ortegon and are fully aware that this is an abortion center. Other companies involved are: Automatic Fire Protection, Bolin Plumbing, and Gecko Solid Surface Solutions. If you happen to know any of these individuals or company owners please reach out to them.

San Antonians it’s time to stand up for the city of St. Anthony. Call or contact your council member and tell him/her to stop this intrinsic evil on the people of San Antonio. Don’t forget to mention the blatant disregard of the C1 zoning restrictions on the PP mega complex on the 2140 Babcock location and should NOT be allowed to open.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

City of San Antonio Mayor & City Council

Zoning concerns persist as Planned Parenthood center gets ready to open


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