PLANNED PARENTHOOD Targets the Hispanic Community in San Antonio and America

The Right to Life Rally was held in San Antonio on Sunday, January 25, in downtown at Milan Park. Mary Thomas from the San Antonio Right to Life directed the annual event. There were several noted speakers including Carol Everett, founder of the Heidi Group.

San Antonians make a common mistake that there is only one abortion clinic in operation when in reality there are a total of three killing clinics in operation with a Planned Parenthood mega abortion complex under construction.

Guttmacher, the abortion statistics guru, claims that there were 1.21 million abortions in America in 2014.

According to Carol the unofficial count is less than 40,000 abortions a year in Texas. The college age female 19-25 is most at risk in deciding on an abortion. Of the unintended pregnancies, 4 in 10 end in abortion. What struck me was the statement that Carol made about Planned Parenthood, “If Planned Parenthood really wanted to help the women who live in rural Texas, they would have built an ambulatory abortion clinic in South Texas, instead money is their primary goal, not the women.” Out of 44 abortion clinics, Texas still has 17 clinics in operation since HB2 became law.

After checking out the websites of each of the abortion clinics still in San Antonio, it was openly clear that the young Hispanic female is the intended target. Alamo Women’s Clinic may flash a white and black female, but they have two Hispanic women on their homepage.

Planned Parenthood has conquered the Black community and now seeks to destroy the Hispanic family with the lure of ‘no stress’ abortion. Understanding this will make it easy to comprehend why they are targeting the Hispanic female. Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of America, and San Antonio has a predominately Hispanic population. Hispanics represent a new market leading to mega bucks.

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood’s main incentive is the money that they make in performing an abortion. The South Texas Planned Parenthood 2013 financial report claims $3,490,646 in salaries and benefits. Planned Parenthood advertises financial aid if the female needs help to meet the payment, which they claim is ‘affordable’. Each abortion clinic just happens to ‘se habla Espanol’.

We all know that most Hispanic women keep their babies and we also know that there is a strong bond between mother and child. We should expect that Planned Parenthood will work very hard to gain control of the Hispanic abortion market in San Antonio.

Planned Parenthood – 104 Babcock Road –
Whole Woman’s Health of San Antonio – 4025 E Southcross –
Alamo Women’s Clinic – 8600 Wurzbach Road #900 –

Our mission as Christians, as Catholics is to stand strong in our faith. It is of the upmost importance to educate and inform our high school and college age students of the consequences of pre-marital sex and the challenges of an unintended pregnancy. Today is the day to contact your parish priest or minister and tell him about the plans Planned Parenthood has to destroy the culture of the Hispanic family. We also need to be more proactive by contacting our congressman in Washington, DC and urging them to bring back the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, HR36 for a vote.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act H.R. 36


Who is My Representative in Washington, DC?


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