Obama's Summer of Recovery is Here Again - Pajamas Media Video

Pajamas Media TV and Andrew Klavans "On the Culture" take a satirical look back at Obamas Summer of Recovery.  Lets see how President Obama is doing in comparison with former President Bushs programs on the economy, security and wars around the world.

I wonder if President Obama can be bothered enough to keep him off the golf courses and vacation spots of the world this summer. Perhaps he can actually focus on job recovery? Stopping the spread of illegal wars? Secure our Borders? Reform our broken immigration system? Control out of control spending?  Or perhaps even help disaster stricken states like Alabama and Texas?  Or is that just too much to ask?

With all the stress of recent weeks, it was just time for a laugh.  More of Klavans "On the Culture" video insights can be found on YouTube.  

Maybe Obama will do better this summer...  What do you think?


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