Obama Orders Federal Government to Cut Emissions... Here are some ideas!

If global warming is such an urgent and impending crisis, then why did Obama wait nine months to issue this simple request to the federal government? Here are some quick and effective ideas for what federal government could do now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Reduce the size of the federal government, which would in turn reduce the number of cars on the road, electricity usage, and bureaucratic exhaust fumes; this would also have beneficial effects for U.S. business and economy!
  • Eliminate the enormous amount of hot air and dangerous gases that Senators Waxman, Markey, Kerry, and their democratic colleagues emit about this topic.

These two measures would surely have an immediate and long-lasting beneficial impact. Any other ideas?

Incidently, where is Obama's "order" to significantly cut wasteful federal spending? Maybe that's just not as urgent?


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