Obama Care is Not the Solution

The Chairman of the Harris County (TX) Republican Party, Jared Woodfill, offers his perspective on Obama's healthcare bill:

The Obama administration is working diligently to nationalize our healthcare system. It is attempting to take us back to 1993 when the Democrats unsuccessfully pushed for the nationalization of our healthcare system- "Hillary care." In the most recent Democrat sponsored bills, the federal government would, among other things, give money to states to set up government run insurance exchanges that would compete with private healthcare plans. It would further provide subsidies to families making up to 500% of the poverty level or $110,000.
Under the Democrat proposals, if you have a family and make over six figures a year, you may be entitled to a government subsidy for your health care. Ultimately, the Democrat's healthcare proposals will curtail compensation for doctors and nurses. This will compound the problem we face related to shortages in the medical field, reducing the number of people who chose to enter the medical profession. As a result of the reduced supply of medical professionals, the rationing of medical care will be the only solution. Government bureaucrats will decide whether you qualify for a drug, operation C.T. scan, etc.
However, Obama did learn something from the Clinton healthcare debacle. He has changed the rhetoric, arguing that you can keep your current health insurance plan. What he fails to mention is that he is mandating certain procedures and standards that will impact reimbursements, etc. By controlling the money, the government, not your insurance company, will be the ultimate decision maker.
Socialized medicine has not worked in Canada, the United Kingdom or other parts of the world. One need only visit Houston's MD Anderson to see why people from all over the world come to the United States for its quality healthcare. You may be asking yourself, "What does it cost, and how do they pay for it?" The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Democrat proposals will cost over a trillion dollars over the next decade. How do they pay for it? Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Like most pieces of Obama legislation, there is a rush to get it done.
This hurry and spend approach has an Obama deadline of August. On the campaign trail, Obama promised that his proposals would limit the increasing cost of healthcare. The proposed Democratic bills in the House and Senate do nothing to reign in the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. In fact, the proposed legislations would only make our economic outlook more dire. With unemployment at 9.5% and climbing, credit markets that are practically frozen, and a deficit that is over a trillion dollars and growing, how many more hits can our economy take? Long lines, limited choices, more federal spending, increased taxes and the rationing of medical services are not the solution to our health care issues.
Over twenty state medical societies have objected to a government sponsored program that competes with private entities. As we have witnessed over the past seven months, the Obama administration is working diligently to nationalize our banks, corporations and now our healthcare system-it must stop! More government is not the solution. Please join us in the fight. Please call or write your congressman today. It is equally important you contact Republicans and Democrats who constitute swing votes. Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing solutions to the healthcare challenges our country faces.

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