North Korea Sentences Journalists. Obama Administration Looks the Other Way

North Korea Nuclear AmbitionsWhile the Obama administration sat idly by, two female American journalists have been and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in North Korea. The women, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were accused of entering North Korea illegally and were further accused of a "grave crime against North Korea", which has yet to be elaborated on by Pyongyang. The only action the Obama administration has taken on this issue is to issue a statment that the United States is "deeply concerned".

This lack of action by President Obama in matters of international affairs should not be surprising - just last month, as The President was preparing to submit to Muslim Theocracy, the North Koreans - under the direction of the "glorious leader" Kim Jong Il - thumbed their collective noses at the United States by conducting an underground nuclear test. When the Obama Administration did nothing in response, the North Koreans proceeded to test fire missiles into the Pacific Ocean. When Obama did nothing again, Kim Jong Il renounced the 56 year cease fire that effectively ended the Korean War. Here's President Obama's response, according to a Washington Post article: "we are going to take a very hard look at how we move forward on these issues." Sorry Mr. President, taking a "very hard look" is not enough.

Why is North Korea saber rattling right now? Simple, North Korea knew that making threats during the Clinton Administration meant US money and food aid...making threats during the Bush (43rd) Administration meant sanctions...Pyongyang is simply playing its hand with a new dealer at the table.


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