Napolitano may need to exempt some muslims from body scans; defends their use for everyone else

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Facing mounting criticism and pushback from fliers over increasingly invasive procedures to ostensibly protect U.S. travelers, Janet Napolitano is defending the use of body scans or body pat downs for all travelers - except possibly for some Muslims. The use of body scans or body pat downs applies to passengers and pilots alike, but perhaps not for Muslim women, who would be exempted from the full procedure and require only a limited pat down in the head and neck area, or optionally a self pat-down in the head and neck area.

If non-Muslim women would want to avoid the intrusive scanning and pat-down procedures, could they simply declare themselves Muslim?

If that were the case, here's an idea that the TSA might like: increase the scanning intensity or add cavity searches for non-Muslim-women; maybe that would help make up for the plastic explosives or other dangerous items hiding beneath Muslim women's burqas. However by no means should TSA use intelligence, as Israel does, to keep travelers safe. That might offend someone.  Compare TSA with Israeli security methods.


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If it is manditory for a person to have a stupid body scan or pat down then that should apply to EVERYONE {especially Muslims}. Who do you think started all the heavy security in the first place. If Muslim women are exempt from having this done then you may as well hand them a bomb right away before they board the plane. I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. I will never ever fly PERIOD.

Really? Muslims are the reason we are doing this! Where is the sanity in our government?

The rules that govern what Muslim women are allowed to under go in terms of screening were put out by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), not our own government.  No one - including Napolitano - has said that there will be exceptions for one group of people over another. When asked specifically about Muslim women, however, she did say there will be "adjustments" and "more to come" concerning the overall policy. To me this only means that no one in charge has really thought this through. Typical reactionary policy changes put in place post 9/11.

"The rules that govern what Muslim women are allowed to under go in terms of screening were put out by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)"

And there's any doubt that CAIR is linked to terrorism and funds terrorists? Yet they operate freely and fund terrorism freely with impunity because we wouldn't want to offend any muslims. After all, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. I should start an online burqa shop.

Let's have "Wear your burka to the airport day!"  Fun for all!

What in the hell are we waiting for?  What bigger middle finger can our out of control government give us before we revolt?  I can't sit here any longer while our quality of life is brought in line with tijuana, our economy is INTENTIONALLY put on intensive care and czar position after czar position is created all to keep us in bondage and beaten down so we will conform. 


What will it take for us ALL to wake up and take our Country back from these communist infiltrators?  Can't you see that this is an orchestrated plan being carried-out by the government, for the government and against the American Citizenry?

If I and my wife go through the scanner or a pat down, and these selected few women do not go through same inspection routine, then I am off of the plane.  I don't give one damn I outta how it is going to affect them, I will tell the flight attendant why I am getting off and please make arrangement to have my luggage back to the airport.

I am really tired of the double standard BS that we have to go through to make us think we are feeling safe.  Hell maybe the ATS aught to do this kind of inspection at the U.S. border stations and we would have a hell of lot less illegals coming across.  One thing for sure if they illegal was a Muslim then they would turn around a go back where the hell they came from.

If you don't like the laws in the US and you want to live with Sharia law then get the hell out, I have really had it with all of this BS.  Homeland Security Napolitano needs a real good swift kick for even agreeing with CAIR.

The last thing we need to do is follow Israel on anything.  An Israeli citizen (and former DHS leader), Chertoff profitted from these naked scanning machines.  Don't forget what Israel has done to us. 

9/11 and Israel, here:

While I hate to interrupt a perfectly happy Muslim-bashing session, you are basing your conclusions on a gross misinterpretation of a religious group's interpretation of TSA policy. What CAIR's statement says is, if, as a woman, you are selected for enhanced scereening solely because you are wearing a scarf (and not for any other reason), then only the areas covered by the scarf should be patted down (i.e., the "area in question").



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