More Ethics Problems for Democrats - Texas Senator Royce West Fined $3,000

Senator Royce WestIt seems Texas State Senator Royce West has been taking ethics lessons from his Congresswoman, Eddie Bernice Johnson. Texas Watchdog reports Senator West was fined $3,000 for campaign finance violations and for profiting from a rental agreement with his campaign money. While Congresswoman Johnson has, so far, escaped any punishment for her ethics problems involving the inappropriate awarding of scholarships to her family members and friends, Sen. West was not so lucky.

The Watchdog reported, "Responding to a complaint alleging 12 campaign finance disclosure violations in the years 2006-08, the commission determined that in 2006 West made eight payments totaling $12,800 to Skyview Development Corp., of which he is the sole owner and director. West paid $7,000 to his own company for sign use and a sign lease and another $5,800 in six rent payments for an office at 320 South R.L. Thornton Freeway in Dallas. Royce told the commission he charged himself at the rate he would have charged any other tenant. The commission ruled it an admission that West was illegally charging profits back to the state for reimbursement, expenses that are paid with tax dollars.

Recently we saw another insight into Sen. West's character when he immaturely stormed out of a Texas Redistricting Committee hearing during a presentation by former congressional candidate, John Faulk.

Texas deserves better representation than this. It is time to find a conservative candidate to run against Sen. West in district 23 of South Dallas and stop rewarding crooked politicians with re-election. If he can't even properly maintain campaign books, how can we expect him to ethically and efficiently manage the Texas budget process?


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