Lincoln, McClellan and John Boehner

First Battle of Bull Run was fought on July 21, 1861. After the disastrous Union defeat, President Lincoln summoned George McClellan to command the forces in Washington.

Lincoln was impressed by McClellan's ability to turn the new Army of the Potomac into an effective fighting force. McClellan spent the summer rebuilding the defeated army. As fall turned to winter however, it became apparent that McClellan had no intention of leading his army into battle. In addition, McClellan chronically overestimated Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army in Virginia believing it was twice its actual size.

Finally Lincoln's patience ran out and he ordered his general to move his army into Virginia and give battle. However McClellan ignored the order. "If McClellan does not want to use the army," Lincoln wrote, "I should like to borrow it a while."

After fighting a bloody stalemate at Antietam, Lee withdrew back to Virginia and McClellan refused to pursue him. For six weeks, Lincoln and McClellan exchanged angry messages as Lincoln implored his general to finish Lee off. On November 5, 1862, Lincoln finally had enough and dismissed McClellan as army commander.

This past week, Speaker of the House John Boehner had been in negotiations with Harry Reid and President Obama over the 2011 Budget. That is last years budget, the one the Democratic Party should have voted on last October but didn’t.

Boehner and the Republican Party promised after last years mid-term elections that it was time to repeal Obama Care. It was time to cut the budget and spending. The Speaker is quoted as saying, "Look, we have to temper our expectations. We are only one half of one-third of the legislative branch here," Really? Then what was all the back patting being done by party line Republicans for?

Even those Republicans not in office played up the compromise as a great victory for the GOP. Mike Huckabee praised the Speaker for changing the tone in Washington. Huckabee praised him for changing the tone from one of increased spending to one that speaks of cutting spending. Well here’s a tone for you AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Now we learn that even the spending cuts purported to in this “great” victory aren’t even cuts. Look at the details for yourself and you will see that it was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner either completely caved in to the Democrats and is lying to conservatives about it or he truly believes that compromise means bi-partisan at any cost to the conservatives of this republic.

I hope it is the latter because mislead, misinformed or just plain ignorant of the situation can be cured by listening and learning to others. If it is the former, he will turn out to be just another lying politician won't he?

The mid term elections meant something Mr. Speaker. The mid terms meant we are sick and tired of the direction in Washington. The mid terms meant we want to change to the status quos and want someone in the Speaker’s chair that you now set in to do the peoples work Mr. Speaker. That work is to stop the downward spiral of our great Republic and stop President Obama and the lefts fundamental transformation of our country. That chair is Speaker of the House where all budgeting and laws originate from.

You stated that, and I quote your article Mr. Speaker, “That's why this week, we'll advance our fight from saving billions of dollars to saving trillions of dollars as we turn our full attention to the GOP budget”. After yet another cave in to President Obama and Senator Reid, how are we, “THE PEOPLE” in the peoples work, supposed to believe you and the other Republicans will fight for us when once again you managed to turn a victory into a defeat?

Conservatives expect more from our Republican representatives Mr. Speaker. We will stand with you and your fellow GOP compatriots in this fight. We will stand with you and support you if you will only fight for us. Even if you lose the battle, if we know that you are for us and in the fight to stay, we will not turn against you.

Those Republicans that were in Washington before the 2010 mid term elections would do well to listen to and yes, maybe even learn from the freshman Republicans. They have seen our numbers and we are a legion. The Republican Party that Grand Ol’ Party is in serious danger of becoming the voting conservatives' George McClellan. If the GOP does not want to use this army of voters, I'm sure a third party should like to borrow it awhile.

Photo: Alexander Gardner (1821–1882) Public Domain


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