Liberals Use Mad-As-Hell Party to Deflect the Blame

You would think that Obama would have a lot of explaining to do in his State of the Union Address tonight, but have no fear Obamanites, for a third "bipartisan" party is emerging: The Mad-As-Hell Party, and Obama is here to save the day...

Instead of announcing that the health care bill has passed, the liberals now have had to urgently concoct a third party that will deflect the blame away from Obama and toward Wall Street, health insurers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Liberal Robert Reich says of the Mad-As-Hell Party,

With the mid-term elections months away, both Republicans and Democrats are scrambling to embrace the Mad-As-Hell Party as their own. Republicans are hoping the mad-as-hellers forget the gushing corporate welfare of the Bush administration and the last Republican congress. And Democrats have become born-again economic populists, blaming the nation's problems on the same "fat cat" bankers and corporate lobbyists they've been cozying up to for years.

The Scott Brown victory showed the nation that the people are in fact mad as hell at the White House's misdirected priorities such as health care reform and cap-and-trade, when the focus should be on growing the economy and the continuously rising unemployment rate!


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