Leftists Demand to (re)Write Social Studies Standards

Dr. Hornsby has once again shown her brilliance. She is accurate in her reporting on all counts. Many on the conservative side have believed the media, and have reported wrongly on this issue. I am convinced that we narrowly lost two conservative State Board of Education (SBOE) seats over this in the primaries. I have spent countless hours "defending" myself to little old ladies who know me at my own church, convinced by conservative and liberal groups, that I had taken Christmas and Thomas Jefferson out of the standards.

In regards to the liberal lefts' request to postpone our vote so they can "re-write" the standards ... maybe we need to ask the left if they will postpone the redistricting process until after the 2012 election.

Here are some excerpts from Carole Hornsby's article:

Distortions and blatant lies have been written by liberal “experts” who are ready to tar and feather the SBOE for “revising our American history”, leaving Thomas Jefferson out, and “bringing religion back into the schools”. It’s doubtful whether these self proclaimed experts have read the curriculum standards, which are available online to the public.
...Normally intelligent Americans have bought into this leftist smear about the Texas Social Studies standards because they foolishly believe mainstream media to be reliable in its reporting. These gullible Americans turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the fact that main stream media does not bother with independent research.
...It’s appalling that so many Americans are unable to answer even simple questions about the Constitution. Nor do they have any idea their unalienable rights are being usurped by our federal government and our elected representatives, who, for decades, have passed legislation that is unconstitutional.

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