Hard Work… Hard Fun… Campaigning with Fernando Herrera

Fernando Herrera, Republican Candidate for Texas Legislature, District 148 is working hard in what is proving to be a very winnable campaign to unseat the most liberal Democrat in the Texas House, Jessica Farrar. But campaigns cannot be all about work. Great teams are built with fun as well as work. Herrera has found an interesting way to bring the work and fun together through the "Friday Night Dinner Club".

Every Friday night through the end of the campaign, Herrera and his team of Political First Responders are celebrating the week's hard work by gathering at a locally owned restaurant located within the district. Mellissa Herrera, campaign manager, told TexasGOPVote, "This program (Dinner Club) gives us the opportunity to reach out to the district in a new way. It certainly promotes Fernando Herrera and the campaign within the district. But it also helps to promote local businesses within the community."

Melissa continued, "Every week we pick a locally owned restaurant and our team rolls in wearing the Herrera T-shirts creating quite the visible presence. We also meet many new members of the community who are voters and want to become involved with the campaign because of the fun they see us having. They all leave with Herrera T-shirts of their own!" After seeing this much fun, it is very hard to not "jump on the Herrera bandwagon"!

The program has become so successful that this week; it will expand to two locations. Melissa said, "Last week, we weren't able to seat all of our people together. We want to cover as many parts of the district as possible, so now we will have two events on Friday night."

The most recent Dinner Club night was at Doneraki's Restaurant on Fulton Street, north of Downtown Houston. Around 50 volunteers gathered wearing their shirts and were treated to Fernando Herrera singing "Born to be Wild" to help kick off the karaoke event for the restaurant.

Fernando said, "I grew up in this district. I want to give back to it and show other's what a great district this is. The Dinner Club concept allows us to support small businesses that are locally owned and serve the people of this community. It also builds great name recognition for the campaign and a tight relationships between our team and the local businesses."

This Friday night, the Dinner Club moves to two locations. At 6 pm, the fun will kick off at Cavatore Italian Restaurant located at 2120 Ella Blvd. This will be followed by a 2nd Dinner Club at Merida Mexican Restaurant located at 2509 Navigation Blvd.


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