Keep Your Hands Off Texas!

Organized by the Texas Republican House Committee (TRHC) and fueled by political activists from all over Texas, the Hands Off Texas! event will take place on September 12 at the Texas State Capitol.

The Obama Administration and the Democrat National Committee have chosen to hold their annual meeting in Austin, Texas Sept. 10-12. “They want to bring their failed Washington policies to a bedrock Republican state that is still thriving despite Democrat attempts to run our great country into the ground.”

What sort of reception should we give our friends from the other side of the aisle? How about a TEXAS-style SEND OFF with a statewide petition effort and rally in Austin on Saturday, September 12th telling the Democrats to go home and keep their HANDS OFF TEXAS!
Let us be clear: The Democrats know that the only battle they have a shot at winning in Texas is to overtake our slim one-vote Republican majority in the Texas House of Representatives. And there’s a reason they care about the Texas Legislature. Apart from forging a Democrat stronghold in a historically conservative state, they want control of the upcoming redistricting process since Texas is poised to gain up to four additional seats in Congress—four potential Democrat reinforcements for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama.
Texas Republicans have not faced a threat like this in over a decade. This is a call to action to all conservative Texans because we are now on the front line in the battle for our country’s future. So goes Texas, so goes the nation.
If you’re sick and tired of all the “change” we’re getting from the Democrat majority in Washington, D.C. and feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, this is your fight. We must draw a line in the sand and with a loud voice tell the Obama Team and national Democrats to keep their HANDS OFF TEXAS!

Hey Democrats, why don’t you also keep your:

• Hands Off Our Healthcare

• Hands Off Our Jobs

• Hands Off Our Guns

• Hands Off Our Cars

• Hands Off Our Businesses

• Hands Off Our Income

• Hands Off Our Retirement

• Hands Off Our Lives

• Hands Off Our Families

• Hands Off Our Freedom

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