Why are Republicans so Afraid of Immigration Reform?

Bob PriceIt's a simple question really. Why exactly are Republican's so afraid of the topic of Immigration Reform? Immigration Reform is an issue I have been writing about for years. I have come to have a pretty deep understanding of the issues and how people react to discussion of this very emotional topic. Border Security? That's a pretty simple one. Secure the border - end of discussion. But Immigration Reform, that is a much tougher can of worms, and it can be a potential third-rail topic for Republican candidates and elected officials. Just ask Congressman John Carter (R-TX) from Round Rock, Texas.

One of the common push-back arguments I hear is, "Why give them amnesty? They're just going to vote Democrat anyway!" Well, first of all, that is a lazy argument. No one is asking for amnesty. People are asking for a real solution to the problem that includes an appropriate level of punishment for the offense of "entry without inspection" or for those who overstay their visas (about 40% of the illegal immigrant population). 

Secondly, most Hispanics don't vote Democrat... Most Hispanics don't vote at all! Looking at that question as to why they choose not to vote might just raise some interesting reasons why immigration reform should move forward, from a Republican perspective. Most Americans of Hispanic heritage are socially conservative and pro-small business: two issues that keep them away from voting Democrat in large numbers. But then, some Republicans speak with such angry and hateful rhetoric when it comes to issues relating to immigration and immigrants, it simply makes Hispanics stay home on election day.

Yelling that you are going to deport someone's grandmother or prevent their spouse from living with their family is not a good way to win someone's favor at the polls. But that is what Hispanics hear from some Republicans. And even some groups that claim to be Republican like FAIR, NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). but who are really front groups for some radical environmentalists, pro-choice organizations. Some Republicans don't even seem to be able to discern between an Hispanic who is in this country illegally and one who is a multi-generation American citizen who enjoys the Hispanic culture and likes to speak Spanish when around other Hispanic people.

These kinds of things make conservative Hispanics, who won't vote for Democrats because of other issues, simply stay home on election day. This is not good for Republicans and it is not good for America.

Young Hispanic VotersAs to the argument that people who might earn their way to citizenship ten to thirteen years from now and will be Democrat voters... We have a much bigger and much more immediate problem than that to worry about. Every month, 80,000 young Hispanic American citizens turn 18 and become eligible to vote. If you are scaring those people away from voting Republican with your angry rhetoric, you have a much more immediate issue to deal with, and you better be finding a way to win these Hispanic voters over now. 

Republicans are supposed to be about solutions, yet our stand on Immigration Reform causes the ball to just be kicked down the road with no solution in sight.  Both for Immigration Reform and Border Security. How long can we let this continue?

Republicans are supposed to be about free markets and growth in business. Yet our policies actually limit competition and restrict businesses from finding legal, available labor. Further, these policies encourage, or at least to take action against, companies that use these failed policies to cheat the system and gain an unfair, unethical business competitive advantage.

Republicans are supposed to be about sustaining traditional families. Yet our policies lead to separating families and creating more welfare dependencies because of forced deportation of the family bread-winner.

Republicans are supposed to be about strong national security. Yet our stand on issues actually prevent the identification of more than 11 million people who are able to move around the country with no positive means of knowing who they are, why they are here, nor a legal means of taxing them like the rest of us are taxed.

Yes, we are a confused lot, we Republicans. On this issue, we have been saying one thing and doing the opposite for many years. So, let me ask you once again... Why are Republicans so afraid of dealing with this issue and putting it behind us? Let's work together to find real solutions. Let's work together to solve problems. Let's just work together and America will be a better place and the Republican party will be stronger for it.

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