The Sanctuary Cities bill handicaps law enforcement!

I urge you to vote NO on SB 185. Police chiefs and sheriffs across Texas have invested many hours traveling to Austin to oppose this bill for this and two previous sessions. They believe it will encourage abusive profiling and will hurt, not help, law enforcement in the Hispanic neighborhoods.

SB 185 creates unfunded mandates that will clearly cost local municipalities!

  1. More man hours on the street
  2. Training local law officers in federal immigration laws
  3. More non-violent persons in local jails at $70 per day
  4. More American-born citizens left behind as wards of the county

Republicans are opposed to unfunded mandates, right?

Do not let anyone tell you SB 185 is “cost neutral” to the state. This bill should have a significant fiscal note. Additional cost to the Attorney General’s office is undeniable, because the bill solicits citizen complaints and requires the AG to review them and file petitions (court action).

Just imagine the wasted time and expense. Neither the AG’s office nor local law enforcement agencies can afford this nightmare! Senator, if you or your staff have read this far, I thank you. It is my prayer you will agree SB 185 is not good for Texas. It may be well intended, but it is bad legislation.

God bless you, and may He continue to bless Texas.


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