IDEAL Immigration Founder Discusses Workforce Visa on "Only in America"

Last week, Ali Noorani, Director of the National Immigration Forum, interviewed Steve Kuhn, a retired hedge fund manager who recently founded IDEAL immigration. During the episode of Noorani’s podcast “Only in America,” Noorani asked Kuhn about what an ideal immigration policy should look like.

Kuhn explained that his organization believes that one of the best ways to reduce illegal immigration is to improve legal pathways of immigration. He said IDEAL immigration supports border security and enforcing immigration laws, but that in order to do that we should have immigration laws that “are more aligned with our interests and values.”

Kuhn explained that because there are not a finite number of jobs available and immigrants grow the economy and create more jobs, “immigrant workers are not substitutes for American workers but complements.”

One policy Kuhn advocates for is a one-year renewable workforce visa that would allow employers to pay $2500 per worker per year to hire undocumented immigrants as long as they follow all US labor laws. It would allow undocumented workers to stay in the country and work legally so long as they continue to work, pay taxes, and follow the law. “There is a tremendous benefit of having a legal system where we have control and understanding of who is in the country,” he said.

Listen to the recording below:


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