Heritage Foundation Endorses Red Card Solution

The following is a press release from The Red Card Solution.

As congressional leaders grapple with the politics of immigration reform, conservatives have been divided on whether there is a workable solution. There is.

As you may know, we have been educating leaders about a market-based, private-sector guest worker program that would provide the workers America's economic growth requires, strengthen border security, and solve one of the country's most pressing problems. Now, conservatives can rest assured that the top leaders of the conservative movement agree that this is the right approach.

The Heritage Foundation, more than any other organization, has defined the conservative approach to political issues for 40 years. Its top leaders - in two separate publications this Spring - are now telling anyone who will listen that our Red Card Solution is the right approach to the most crucial element of reform, a functioning guest worker program. Here is the most recent take on it from Heritage's Chief Economist, Steve Moore, and their Vice President for Domestic and Economic Policy, Derrick Morgan:

At the same time, industries-such as agriculture-that traditionally depend on migrant workers should be able to bring in temporary guest workers with minimal government regulation and hassles, assuming taxpayers are protected. Innovative solutions like Helen Krieble's Red Card guest worker program provide a great start. Boston Globe, May 5, 2014

The President of the Heritage Foundation, Senator Jim DeMint, agrees. Here is his advice:

Are there common-sense solutions to our immigration problems? Of course. We can create a workable legal immigration system, secure the border, and enforce current workplace laws, for starters. Congress could consider ideas for a practical, temporary worker program such as that being promoted by businesswoman Helen Krieble, called the Red Card Solution.

Newsday, February 7, 2014

Whether or not you think the timing is right for Congress to act now (and there are legitimate opinions on both sides of the timing question), one thing is clear: conservatives need not to be portrayed as obstructionists without ideas. Instead, they can promote a clear vision of practical solutions, and explain in simple terms how a workable program should be structured. The best way to resolve a difficult political dilemma is to fix the problem once and for all.


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